Election Neighbors Neighbors are the correct representative model for the Pennridge School District

Our community has a citizen-led bipartisan movement to establish a more direct and representative form of government for the Pennridge School District. This effort is led by a non-profit organization called the Pennridge Citizens for Direct Representation.

As a former Perkasie Autonomous Region councilor and former president, I think it makes practical sense to move to a regional model of elections. This style of government offers greater accountability from elected civil servants compared to today’s large systems.

If successful, our school district has three voting areas, each represented by three individual board members. About 17,000 citizens live in each area. The suggested map can be found on our Facebook page. In addition, the model has a well-balanced distribution of school buildings, with each region containing at least two primary schools and one of three junior high schools.

The Pennridge School District covers eight municipalities: Hilltown, Bedminster, West Rockhill, East Rockhill Township, Sellersville, Perkasie, Silverdale, and Dublin. We are the only backcounty (excluding New Hope Solbury) district with multiple municipalities, represented by the “whole”. The problem this causes is an extreme imbalance. At this time, no current board members live in any of the districts. Geographically dispersed voters will benefit from more localized representatives to ensure that the needs of the community are met.

The district government’s regional representatives are similar to the three districts of the Perkasie Autonomous Region, with three council members elected from each district. As an experienced elected official, the members of my ward relied on representing them on behalf of the three elected neighbors and listening to their concerns. My companion and I processed calls and emails from our neighbors, and it was our responsibility to provide a response.

In a large model, it is more difficult for taxpayers and current board members to actually know each other, which can lead to a considerable time delay in addressing concerns. In addition, the Penridge-wide campaign is costly and time consuming for potential candidates due to the vastness of the area, which covers nearly 100 square miles.

Most importantly, this move does not affect current directors, no one is banished, and each party retains its registration number.

I respect all elected officials, especially the board of education directors. It’s a long, unpaid and hard job. Our efforts to transform the way these directors are elected should make the job a little more rewarding and valuable.

To participate, send an email to to sign or get a petition and become a circulator. Together we can bring a change of expression to Penridge.

Matt Aigeldinger

Former Chairman of the Perkasie Autonomous Region Council


Election Neighbors Neighbors are the correct representative model for the Pennridge School District

Source link Election Neighbors Neighbors are the correct representative model for the Pennridge School District

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