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For many years, the Mainline Times has helped Lower Melion and Narberth Eldernet raise funds for emergency financial assistance programs through Operation Holidays. Funds raised through Operation Holidays directly support members of the needy community by providing financial support for basic needs such as electricity, heat, water and rent.

People like James and Margaret who lived in Ardmore in the late 80’s. The couple met in high school, have lived together since then, lived modestly, and now live solely for social security. Recently, James has forgotten things and for two months he forgot to pay their utility bills. At the same time, their roofs began to leak and their limited income was directed to repairs. By the time James realized he was lagging behind in billing their utility bills, their bank accounts didn’t have enough money to cover the costs. James was scared and told what happened to Margaret. Soon she thought of a friend who had recently received financial support through ElderNet. Margaret called ElderNet to see if we could help. Our social workers visited the couple and assured them that ElderNet could help pay their invoices and provide volunteer support and social work care. James and Margaret were very grateful for all the support that was made possible by your generosity, especially for providing them with financial relief.

Bryn Mawr’s 70-year-old resident, Jasper, retired just a year ago and spent his life as a painter. Recently, the times have become more and more difficult for Jasper. His wife died six months ago after fighting cancer, and his children live all over the country. Jasper was depressed and isolated in his apartment, no longer going to church, refused to answer the phone, and ignored the invoice. Jasper’s neighbor was worried about him because he hadn’t seen him for weeks and knew he was experiencing a difficult time. Jasper’s kind neighbor was called ElderNet to see if we could help. One of our social workers visited Jasper in his apartment after Jasper didn’t answer the phone. Fortunately, Jasper came to the door and talked to our social worker. Jasper admitted that he was lonely, sad and even knew he needed help. The social worker helped Jasper recover and slowly examined his mail with him. Jasper was behind many bills, most of which he was able to cover. However, he couldn’t pay the full water bill and had enough money to buy groceries. ElderNet was able to provide financial assistance to pay for his water and connected him to our grocery store. Jasper was very grateful for all the help he received. At ElderNet, we are grateful to be able to help people who may be left behind, such as Jasper.

There are many people in our community who need help. Some are afraid to ask questions, while others are unaware of the support ElderNet provides. Keep us in mind when donating to a charity this holiday season. If you know someone in need, ask us for help.

To donate, send your check to ElderNet (9 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue Bryn Mawr PA 19010) or visit our website (

The Emergency Financial Assistance Program is managed through ElderNet’s AdaMutch Community Resource Center behind the main building of 9 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue. The center is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm and provides nurses for influenza vaccinations and asks the nurses at Brimmer Hospital to monitor the health of clients. Through the program, we are accommodating selectable food pantry, licensed social workers and nurses. Perishables and perishable donations can fill the shelves at any time. The compassion and generosity of Operation Holiday and Mainline Times readers has had a tremendous impact on ElderNet’s ability to assist community members in difficult economic conditions. If you’re in trouble or know someone, call 610.527.7750 to make an appointment with ElderNet’s social worker.

ElderNet is a source of help for the elderly all year round – Mainline Media News

Source link ElderNet is a source of help for the elderly all year round – Mainline Media News

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