Eight candidates running for four spots on the Topton Council

In the November elections, eight candidates are vying for four seats in the Topton Autonomous Region Parliament.

Three of the candidates (Katelyn Mall, Monica Kunkel, and Ethan Polinsky) are incumbent. They will play against Kathy Hustler, Eric Stout, Michelle Stouto, Arene Falcone and Carol Cook.

Members of the council serve a four-year term.

I asked the candidate to answer two questions.

question 1: Why do you think you are the right person for this position?

Question 2: What are the most important issues facing the autonomous region today? And how do you plan to deal with them?

Caitlin Moll, 38 years old.

Party: Democratic Party.

Background: Mall has been a member of the Autonomous Region Council for the past four years. She lives in the autonomous region with her husband and children and enjoys participating in the events, activities and offerings that the autonomous region provides to the community.

Response 1: As a council, we have been working hard over the last four years to overcome many obstacles. I would like to provide some of our ideas and continue the opportunity to see through. As a mother of two young children in the autonomous region, I am passionate about making Topton a safe and prosperous community.

Response 2: The autonomous region currently has some concerns regarding the renewal and maintenance of roads, pool areas, etc. It is important that the autonomous regions deal with them in a timely and financially responsible manner. It is also important that the autonomous region continues to provide opportunities for residents of all ages to participate.

Michelle Stout, 46 years old.

Party: Republican Party.

Background: Stoudt has spent 20 years as a legal assistant and 7 years overseeing accounts for commercial construction companies. She has held several volunteer positions, including a food stand coordinator for the Brandywine Heights Association, a teacher at the Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday School, and a helper at Brandywine Heights Elementary School.

Response 1: I have a strong desire to support my community. The decision must be made with the idea that this is the hard earned money of people as well as myself. I believe in transparency, communication, and cooperation. After all, I have to believe that I made the best possible decision with all the tools I had at my disposal.

Response 2: There are some important issues facing the autonomous region today. This includes, but is not limited to, road, pool, sewer problems, water problems, and more. The only option is to address these issues one at a time and work together for the most cost-effective and simplest solution.

We would like to tackle issues that affect all inhabitants first, such as water and sewage issues that are indispensable to everyone, and then move down the list. It’s going to be a difficult time, but hopefully a solid plan will put the other side in a stronger and better place.

Alane Falcone, 58 years old.

Party: Republican Party.

Background: Falcone has lived in Topton for over 20 years. He graduated from Brandy Wine High School and runs a small business in the autonomous region. He had previously held public office for four years as a member of the school board.

Response 1: I have been attending autonomous region rallies for many years and am interested in serving the community. I’m financially conservative, so if I’m worried about rising costs, I’ll do my best to keep my spending within reasonable limits.

I’m not a politician. We believe that our government, including local governments, should play a limited role in our lives. The less infringement on our lives, the better. There are many issues to be addressed in the future, so we will work on each issue with common sense and judgment. If this is in line with what you believe, we have something in common.

Response 2: I want to regain the proper democratic function of our mousy council so that all mousor businesses are discussed among all elected officials rather than a quorum of unethical operatives. think. See minutes / public records issued by the autonomous region in the last few years. You will see patterns of nepotist decisions and movements that are not in the best interests of the town.

This happens when the same individual has been in office for many years and has appointed a friend to join the council. This has been a problem for years and continues to get worse. I urge all Topton residents to consider all new council members. We must restore trust and proper behavior. Without a complete group of community-focused individuals in our council, we cannot move forward to make Topton the best.

Monica Kunkel

Party: Democratic Party.

Kunkel did not provide a response.

Kathy Hustler

Party: Democratic Party.

Hustler did not reply.

Eric Stout

Party: Republican Party.

Stoudt did not provide a response.

Carol Cook, 74 years old.

Party: Republican

Background: I have various career experiences. I am a school teacher, computer specialist, system designer, and small business owner at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Army. I have volunteered for many groups and organizations. I really enjoy helping others. I have acquired strong leadership skills.

Response 1: I have lived and loved Topton for 21 years, but previously lived in many places along the East Coast. Each community is unique. I learned a lot about how different local governments work. I’ve been attending the Topton Autonomous Region Congress for a long time, and I’ve been disappointed with many of the things I’ve observed. I finally decided that it was time to stop observing and give time and energy to make some changes to benefit all the inhabitants of Topton. I am a creative problem solver with very strong logic. I am an independent thinker. I saw four council members pushing the agenda with the same 4 to 3 majority vote. Friends support each other, regardless of considerations other than supporting them. It’s time for a new council member to put Topton’s inhabitants first, even if that means disagreement with council friends. If you get the chance, there are many ideas for improving your life in Topton.

Response 2: At the top of the list of important issues are taxes and costs for living in Topton. Elderly people had to sell their family homes because they couldn’t afford to buy their beloved town. I believe we can reduce taxes without eliminating necessary and popular services. We need activities for teens who are not good at team sports. We ask for the support of all residents, from the youngest to the oldest. Some school children walking to school have safety concerns when they have to climb the snow bank and walk down the street. We spend a lot of money and need to rein our checkbooks while improving the lives of all our residents. I think there are many volunteers in the town who volunteer to improve their quality of life. You need to find and organize them. I saw this happening elsewhere. I’m sure it will work here. I am financially conservative. I’m tired of paying taxes for the interest on the debt we owe.

Ethan Polinsky

Party: No affiliation.

Porinsky did not reply.

Eight candidates running for four spots on the Topton Council

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