Edinboro, Cal U and Clarion Announce New Integrated University Names

Students from all three campuses choose a design from the University of Pennsylvania Western University

Universities in California, Clarion, and Edinboro are ready to become one institution, and the new integrated university now has a name and nickname...

Dr. Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson announced today that when the new university officially launched in July 2022, it will be called the University of Pennsylvania Western University or Pennsylvania for short.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education System Board approved the name at today’s quarterly meeting.

Watch the video announcing the new university name.

Video announcements to students, faculty and staff on all three campuses invited Cal U, Clarion, and Edinboro students to choose a new name design.

“From the beginning, we intended to build a student-centric university through an integration process,” said Person, Clarion’s president and interim president in California and Edinboro.

“This is one demonstration of what that really means. Students are given three design options and choose what to use when the Penn West name appears on everything from T-shirts to signs. To do.”

Cal U, Clarion, and Edinboro are seeking new institutional accreditation from the Central State Commission on Higher Education and will comply with integrated institutional marketing guidelines while awaiting committee approval.

One was “really outstanding”

The PennWest name itself was chosen through a process that included workshops and focus groups of students, faculty, staff, graduates, trustees, and community members, Pehrsson said. A survey was conducted to make sure that the name is online, where most students start searching for college, and that it works well in the market.

“We need a clear, unique and easy-to-remember name, especially for future students and their families,” says Pehrsson. “We have tested several options on the market, and Penn West was a really outstanding name.”

Graphic designers from California, Clarion and Edinboro have collaborated to devise a new university name design option. All three designs presented to students use dark navy blue, red and gold, which are palettes derived from campus school colors.

In an online survey, students can also see how PennWest’s nickname and how PennWest University is paired with the name of each campus location. The student center sign on each campus shows what the three design options of shirt, cap, and pennant look like.

“Our students vote and we use the designs they choose,” Pehrsson said. “They are the future of Western University in Pennsylvania, and we want them to proudly wear our name.”

University officials will announce the award-winning designs before the winter vacation. The name of the university will change when the integration comes into effect next year, but each campus will also retain the name of its current location, the athletics brand, and the mascot.

Learn more about the future of higher education in western Pennsylvania. visit the campus website. / integration,, Also

Edinboro, Cal U and Clarion Announce New Integrated University Names

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