Ed Sheeran finds the award show “unpleasant” | Entertainment News

Ed Sheeran feels that a competitive award show has an “unpleasant atmosphere.”

A 30-year-old Grammy winner who attended MTV VMA last weekend admitted that there were many “side-eyes” at major awards ceremonies, including the Grammy Awards, and he “feels a grudge. You can do it. And hatred “in the air.

He appeared in Ordery’s “Julia Shaw” and spilled: “The room is full of resentment and hatred towards others, and it has a very unpleasant atmosphere.

“Every artist is sweet, but it’s like they’re surrounded by aides who want to win, one artist surrounded by ten, another by ten, everyone. It’s like they’re on their side with each other. Eyes. “

The “Shivers” singer doesn’t like to see the artist not supporting other artists and wanting their peers to “fail”.

He added: “It has nothing to do with MTV or the award show. It has nothing to do with all other award shows. [too]Signs, Grammy Awards … AMA …

“Many people want others to fail, and I don’t like it.”

But “bad habits” hit makers argued that British award shows (such as the BRIT Awards) were easier because everyone was having a good time.

He added: “In the UK, our award show is like everyone gets drunk and doesn’t really care who wins or loses.

“People feel the same as I do at those award shows. I talked to people, and they seem to say,” I felt really depressed after that. ” The atmosphere isn’t good … it’s really, really scary to be there. I always feel sad and leave, and I don’t like it. “

Flame-haired pop megastars aren’t fans of after-party either.

He states: “After parties … not just musicians. It’s musicians, all their aides, and you managed to get influencers and somehow.”

Ed Sheeran finds the award show “unpleasant” | Entertainment News

Source link Ed Sheeran finds the award show “unpleasant” | Entertainment News

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