Ed Sheeran enjoyed writing JLS comeback singles | Music

Ed Sheeran jumped at the chance to write a JLS comeback single.

The 30-year-old pop star joined forces with the band for their comeback song “Eternal Love,” and Marvin Humes now reveals how he was involved in their long-awaited return. bottom.

He says: “We met Ed for the first time in 2012 at Queen’s Diamond Jubilee behind the scenes.

“We always wanted to work with him, so when we got serious, we got in touch with Steve. [Mac, a producer] Ed, and asked them to do something for us.

“When you hear’Eternal Love’, there is a line that says’Eternity and One Day’in favor of’Eternal Momoka’, so this is specially written for us.

“When we heard that, we were over the moon. It’s the perfect JLS record.”

Oritse Williams “had a goose bump” about recording a new song in the studio.

He told Sun’s newspaper: “There was a goose bump. I was in the recording studio and as soon as Marve left the booth, I knew the song was a moment. He was shining from ear to ear.”

The chart-top band, which gained fame for “X Factor” in 2008, has just finished a new work, and JB Gil is making fun of what fans should expect.

The 34-year-old singer explained that it was a mix of “old and new.”

He states: “This is a classic JLS. Obviously a little ugly and a little old, but a JLS.

“We have done as many experiments as we can. We have the right balance and influence of the old and the new.”

Ed Sheeran enjoyed writing JLS comeback singles | Music

Source link Ed Sheeran enjoyed writing JLS comeback singles | Music

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