Duran Duran wasn’t always a friend | Entertainment News

Duran Duran “I didn’t start as a friend.”

Singer Simon Le Bon’s relationships with other members of the band, including Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, and Roger Taylor, have changed dramatically over the years, and even those differences make the “Reflex” group just like them. I admitted that it helped me to improve.

He told The Big Issue:

“But over the years, friendships have evolved. We have gone through various stages-competition when we compete for attention or for girls.

“Then the rough parts of the people are the stage that really annoys you.

“But you’re stuck together, so you reach the stage where you realize you’re a friend. You have all these shared experiences. And bother you. All the rough edges are now considered the band’s assets.

“They make it work, creating sparks and tensions that make music interesting.”

Simon has stopped coming to fame and feels “very lucky” to join the band.

He states: “Fame is corrosive and warns young self that it is addictive. People lose themselves.

“I’m very lucky to be in the band. There are no solo artists around them to tell them that they are a *******.

“They are spoiled, it’s corrosive and it’s rotting.”

The “View to a Kill” singer believes that the group’s “democratic” approach brings them together as long as they can focus on the music without having to worry about how loyalty is divided.

He continued. “You are sorry, you need to be tolerant and learn to accept the difference.

“We divide everything evenly. We are democratic. IT means that we can focus on the important thing of music. When we divide everything evenly, it doesn’t matter who wrote the song. . The same reward is paid to all of us. “

Duran Duran wasn’t always a friend | Entertainment News

Source link Duran Duran wasn’t always a friend | Entertainment News

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