Duran Duran creates invisible videos with AI | Music

Duran Duran used artificial intelligence to shoot the latest music videos.

The group recently recorded a video of their new track “INVISIBLE” and used the latest technology to create the next service to their fans.

Simon Le Bon said: “When we arrived at the scene, the video era began and we knew it. It was a huge part of what made Duran Duran global at the time. We always use technology and we really do. You can use it that can help us. We are not afraid of it. “

And the band acknowledged that “everything new and technologically advanced was appealing to them” throughout their many years of career.

Bandmate Nick Rhodes describes the new technology as follows: It was fascinating.

And I think it would be great if I could use it to enhance the toolkit for what I’m doing. “

The band worked with Nested Minds on a new project to provide music, lyrics, and photos to an artificial intelligence bot called Huxley who “dreamed” of video ideas.

Simon said: “It made a video. They like to say-it dreamed of it. It dreamed of a video.”

Nick added to ITV News: “In the past, AI was mathematical. It’s actually more artistic. In reality, we dream and think in different ways.”

Duran Duran creates invisible videos with AI | Music

Source link Duran Duran creates invisible videos with AI | Music

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