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The absence of some players gives young people and journeymen the opportunity to show off themselves during the off-season program. Duke Riley seems to have used these snaps to showcase the Miami Dolphins’ defense capabilities.

Riley, who contributed as a news specialist late last season, was an active linebacker in each practice session attended by the media last month and chose Tua Tagovailoa Pass for Tuesday’s session. Tight-end Hunter Long performed a pick 6 half the length of the field.

Former LSU prominent Riley, who re-signed a one-year contract that Dolphins can pay for this offseason for just under $ 3 million, launched three games in 2021 and contributed to 26 tackles. Touchdown to a special team.

May be Riley whose fiancé experienced a complex pregnancy to give birth to a third childBecause he is now familiar with dolphin defense to do more in 2022. His promotion will allow Jerome Baker to play more snaps with external linebackers.

Watching Riley pull down the intercepts he’s enclosed on Tuesday also shows that he could have put more on his plate as a coverage specialist.

Other observations

Overall, Tuesday’s session is reminiscent of Friday’s walk-through practice or third-team scrimmage. The Dolphins defense was practicing at three-quarters of the speed and there wasn’t much blitz. Most of the time, the backup was in the field because there are many veterans like the Pro Bowl receiver. Tyreek Hill — I was absent or swept the 11 to 11 period.

Before the end of OTA on Friday, there are two more practices. This is what you would expect from the NFL Off-Season Program.

Some of the other outstanding things of the day were receivers Cody core When River club craft..

Core caught two deep passes, but neither was counted if the action was live.

The first was a deep slow touch down pass from Tagovailoa, with no defenders within 30 yards of the 4th year receiver.Given the defensive harness, there are good reasons for that. Raekwon Davis Those who won an orange jersey because of their prominence in Monday’s practice and played a lot of country music were offside, and play was quickly determined to be dead.

But no one spoke to Core, and Tagovailoa threw it anyway (why not).

The second deep reception of the core was from the backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater It was the last 11 to 11 period, but it wasn’t counted either because of the linebacker. Sam Eguabeon He would have dismissed Bridgewater before the throw that happened while he was scrambling to the right.

In terms of counted play, Cracraft caught three passes during the first 11-11 period. It’s clear why the Miami coach brought him as a free agent from the 49ers because he worked so well between Hash. …

Linebacker Channing TindallGeorgia’s outstanding player, selected by Miami in the fourth round of the draft this spring, has played a couple of times for the first time since we attended.He split the path to the tight end Sesan Carter.. Tindall is the most anticipated newcomer to Miami, but because he doesn’t know the speed he knows, everything he’s trying to handle at this point makes his head seem to be swimming. But this is common to all newcomers. …

Tailback ZaQuandre White,Who Director Mike McDaniel The undrafted rookie was mentioned as one of the top prominent ones and made his usual once-daily good run with a cutback to the right that would have produced at least 20 yards. It’s pretty clear that the outstanding White in South Carolina has good eyesight.

If I have to guess, White has a good chance of being on the Miami regular season roster if produced by a special team and will show a strong show during the exhibition season. .. This crime is known to make the most of undrafted tailbacks. …

Speaking of tail back Salbon Ahmed The defender jumped into him while playing and couldn’t make him out of bounds along the left sideline, so he caught a wheel route that could have been a touchdown. …

Linebacker Gellan Phillips We delivered the bag to Tagovailoa in one of the 11 to 11 periods, but this was not the day when the offensive line was overwhelmed. …

Linebacker DeAndre JohnsonNot drafted from the University of Miami, and Darius Hodge also delivered the sack.


Duke Riley stands out in defense – Reading Eagle

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