Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess “Move to Windsor’s House to Get Closer to the Queen” | Entertainment News

The Duke of Cambridge is reported to have moved his family to a four-bedroom home in Windsor’s house near the Queen after she marked 70 years of her throne.

Prince William, 39, and his wife, Kate Middleton, 40, the Duchess of Cambridge, are heading to Adelaide Cottage, which does not require additional security or costly refurbishment funded by taxpayers. It is said.

The Sun also reported tonight (13.06.22) that there were no staff to live in the house. This is the couple’s dog Aura and his three children, Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (7), and Prince Louis, a 4-year-old who can start school locally in the fall.

However, the pair intends to stay in Anmer Hall, Norfolk as a family country retreat and is said to use the Kensington Palace apartment as a staff office.

The insider told The Sun:

“Adelaide Cottage is a four-bedroom home and we don’t need it anymore because we don’t have any live-in staff.

“They didn’t want anything that was too flashy or needed refurbishment or additional security so that it wouldn’t burden taxpayers.

“An additional bonus is that George, Charlotte and Louis can be sent together to a local school. The three kids enjoy running around and playing in the yard. This is Ammer Hall. It’s a life that I really enjoy.

“They had no demands other than a school or a comfortable family home close to the Queen.

“They pay the rent from their private account. All they need to do is move some of their precious furniture and belongings. The whole family will move this summer in Windsor. We look forward to starting a new chapter in our lives together. “

Royal experts say the 96-year-old queen will be pleased near the couple.

Ingrid Seward, 74, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said:

“The Queen needs more people like William around her. She is so often alone away from the staff that William, Kate and her three great-grandchildren are ten. You will be pleased to be separated. “

A Kensington Palace spokesman declined to comment on the reported move to the sun.

The Adelaide cottage was modernized in 2015 and the master bedroom has golden dolphins and ceiling rope decorations and a marble Greek-Egyptian fireplace, but it is considered modest compared to other royal dwellings. It has been.

The Cambridge move is in contrast to the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess spending £ 2.4 million when refurbishing the Frogmore Cottage near Windsor.

Prince Harry (37) and the wife of a former actress (40), who were called Megan Markle before marrying the royal family, used the taxpayer’s money to hire an upholstery and floor. We planned to relocate after installing luxury items such as heating and copper baths. To the United States for a new life without the obligations of the senior royal family.

Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess “Move to Windsor’s House to Get Closer to the Queen” | Entertainment News

Source link Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess “Move to Windsor’s House to Get Closer to the Queen” | Entertainment News

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