Downgrade of blue-green algae at Lake Blue Marsh

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia district on Thursday Harmful algal bloom The status of Bern Township’s Blue Marsh Lake has been downgraded from warning to recommendation.

The Army Corps oversees the lakes and parks in the towns of Penn and Lower Heidelberg.

On August 26, Swim Beach in the Lake Drivelook Day Use Area was closed. Advised visitors to avoid contact with lake water Due to the high levels of blue-green algae in the water, it can be toxic.

“The status update does not eliminate the risks associated with harmful algae,” said a statement released on October 28. Current. Visitors are advised to be aware of harmful blue-green algae conditions and avoid contact with discolored water and scum. “

Blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, Can grow rapidly in warm water and produce toxins Harmful to people and pets.

A corps spokesman said algae outbreaks occur every summer on Lake Blumarsh, which is the result of agricultural use, runoff, and heavy rainfall on the land around the park.

The corps said it is working with the Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Agency to sample and test different parts of the lake.

Downgrade of blue-green algae at Lake Blue Marsh

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