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Double Warmy: Louisiana Shrimp Faces High Diesel Prices, Cheap Imports | National News

(Center Square) – Record high diesel prices and competition for cheap imported shrimp have pushed Louisiana shrimp into their wallets, leaving some out of business.

Acy Cooper Jr. is a shrimp in the Plaquemines Parish and president of the Louisiana Shrimp Association. He told Center Square that shrimp have a “hell of time” dealing with diesel prices and cheap imports that make their business affordable.

“Here in Louisiana, catching a few shrimp can make a little living. We’re in between this season and once the shrimp start to slow down, we can’t keep working at that price. Many people. “They are trying to keep working, but if they find out they can’t overcome it, they’ll shut down,” Cooper said of the soaring fuel prices.

According to the AAA Automobile Association diesel In Louisiana, it was $ 5.30 per gallon, up 82.8% from a year ago when the price per gallon was $ 2.90.

Pelican, like other Gulf countries, has two shrimp seasons: brown shrimp (usually May-July) and white shrimp (mid-August-December).

The Louisiana shrimp industry accounts for 29% of all US shrimp caught. data From the Fisheries Department of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

According to NOAA data, Louisiana shrimp yields have been declining since 2005.

According to NOAA data, Louisiana shrimp yields fell 54.85% from more than £ 145m in 2000 to just £ 65m in 2020. Even if the pandemic year is removed in 2020, the decline from 2000 to 2019 (£ 83.3 million) is still sharp at 42.7%.

Major hurricanes that landed in Louisiana, such as Katrina and Rita in 2005, Laura in 2020, and Aida in 2021, affected yield declines along with the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

In the case of foreign shrimp imports, increasing demand for crustaceans is pushing up imports. Shrimp like Cooper say that a heavily subsidized shrimp industry like India is “dumping” products into the US market. The shrimp industry in the United States is not subsidized like overseas, so prices are falling and competition is difficult.

U.S. Trade Department proposes lifting Sanctions In April against a group of foreign shrimp exporters allegedly dumping shrimp in the United States as part of a five-year sunset of sanctions.

According to NOAA data, after importing 326,074 metric tonnes of shrimp in 2021, the United States has so far imported 287,470 metric tonnes in 2022.

according to data The export of shrimp from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam to the United States recorded sales of $ 1 billion for the first time in 2021. According to VMARD, the United States buys 28% of Vietnam’s export shrimp. These purchases increased by 21% compared to 2020.

Cooper also said that many imported shrimp contain illegal levels of antibiotics and steroids, and U.S. authorities have not enforced laws to protect consumers from contaminated shrimp. ..

Earlier this month, the US Food and Drug Administration Release 74 bans on seafood importers, five shrimp importers from Bangladesh and India were blocked because they contained licensed antibiotics. FDA too Sanctions Five importers from Ecuador, India and Ecuador over salmonella-positive and filthy shrimp.

In all of the headwinds, Cooper says shrimpers, many of whom have worked in the waters of Louisiana for generations, are leaving the industry. He said they would never come back if those boats were last docked.

“You can’t go buy a boat, keep working, and think you’ll be a fisherman. Don’t work that way. No, no,” Cooper said. “My dad taught me, and his dad taught him.

“And if you lose a ship, lose someone who has been using water for years, and they don’t come back, you’re not just replacing it when you need more shrimp.”

Double Warmy: Louisiana Shrimp Faces High Diesel Prices, Cheap Imports | National News

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