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Welcome to the weekly column You can’t miss this week’s episode!! Every Saturday, we spotlight a different TV episode than that week. I thought this was an extraordinary must-see. Check again to see if your favorite show nodded or to learn about new shows.

If Ted Lasso Just because we won all these Emmy Awards last Sunday doesn’t mean we’re all looking for a good TV.One new autumn show that seems to be heading in this direction A big leap, Premiered at Fox on Monday, September 20th. We hope that the eccentric underdog ensemble will be auditioned for a second chance of joy and success, with a focus on dance-themed reality shows. It’s an unquestionably hopeful premise, and pilots enthusiastically carry out that setting.

Rookie Simone Rekasner Great as a single mother Gabby who missed going to dance school for college when she learned she was pregnant.She immediately conveys her love for her son When A disastrous disappointment that she couldn’t make her dream come true. She’s unlucky, so she’s friendly, but it’s not too pathetic to look depressing. What’s more, she’s just fun to see on the screen, and the scene she shares with her best gay friend in high school Justin (Raymond Cham Jr.) is charismatic and explodes. In one scene, Gabby tries to take Justin to an audition by plunging him into a spontaneously exciting dance number at the bowling alley where Justin works.

The series has chosen well to lead a cast of misfits with that heroine, but since it can’t be all sunlight and rainbows, Scott foley Play the villain of what will be revealed by the end of the episode, the drama. As director Nick Blackburn, Foley shuts down on what Central America might want to see and encourages reality show organizers to choose the crazyest contestants possible. He controls Gabby to play soccer star and player Reggie (Sadarius Brain) May he break her heart. It’s good to have enemies in this dream-following group, but does Nick’s higher-rated drama mining go too far and darken the show’s tone too much? Hopefully the writer is planning for this character. For now, I’m happy that Foley is dealing with this tricky character. Because his charm overcomes the ugly side of his character.


But in terms of the characters lifting each other, this series has it in spades. In the final scene of the episode, Reggie decides to lift from Swan Lake. Fearing that most of his life might be too heavy to lift, Gabby weeps while Reggie wins. When he beats her, all she can manage to say quietly and seriously is to thank you. We can expect more moments like this from this show.

Other observations we thought we made this episode stand out:

  • Gabby and Reggie have a real match and you wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t follow Nick’s broken heart plan exactly.
  • Monica (Mallory Jansen), Dance instructors have the best one-liner of the show burning with acidic delivery, seeing that they have to teach dance amateurs how to make Swan Lake.

A big leap, Monday, 9 / 8c, fox

Don’t miss this week’s episode: “Big Leap” is a pleasing TV | Entertainment News

Source link Don’t miss this week’s episode: “Big Leap” is a pleasing TV | Entertainment News

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