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Don’t Fight Racism and Racism in Chester County – Daily Local

Dr. Gordon Eck

A month ago I submitted an editorial Daily local news Our main goal is to share evidence of the divisive idealism promulgated at our Chester County school. Readers are now directed to a website with evidence that allows them to decide for themselves whether this is what they want their children to see.

This was followed by an editorial from my Democrat, Charlotte Valho. Sadly, her 551-word retort was just a personal attack. I am “Initiating a Partisan Political Attack”, “Initiating the Purge of Idealism”, “Adopting Conspiracy Theory and Horror Tactics”, “Using Our Children and Schools as Political Pawns”, “Candidates” An unfounded attack on a person “and so on.

What was particularly lacking in her rant was the connection with the evidence presented. The complete denial of her critical race theory (CRT) in the school system suggests that she did not even see evidence. There, the very term is used in teacher training materials.

Label it as you like. Divided and racist anti-American ideologies do not belong to our school. It is clearly not true to divide our teachers and children into “privileged” and “unprivileged”, “repressed” and “suppressed” based solely on skin pigments, and appeal to the worst human instincts. , Contrary to his vision. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As promised, we posted evidence that this harmful ideology is widespread in Downingtown’s Second School District. This time, in addition to viewing the documentation contained in teacher training and classroom resources, we’ve included a teacher training video. All I ask is for parents to review the evidence and decide for themselves if this is what they want to be exposed to their children. If not, you will have the opportunity to change your child’s education course on November 2nd of this year.

Evidence can no longer be denied. Gaslighting will stop working. Wrong directions, name calls, and intimidation no longer succeed in suppressing the truth.

President Valho and I make substantial differences on many important issues, but I believe she wants the best for our children. I urge her to look at the evidence as well. We do not fight racism and racism. Abandon such a destructive approach and work to get rid of it from our school.

Mr. Valho is grateful that we have agreed that we must advocate “principles rather than politics.” If she really wants to help underprivileged people and give their children a “fair opportunity to succeed in school,” I ask her to join me to help with school choices. .. We should fund our students rather than the school system. This is the best way to achieve “fairness” in education so that parents can choose the type of education that best suits their particular child’s needs. That is a principle that we all can agree on.

Links to the obtained materials:

Dr. Gordon Eck

Chairman of the Republican Commission in Chester County

Don’t Fight Racism and Racism in Chester County – Daily Local

Source link Don’t Fight Racism and Racism in Chester County – Daily Local

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