Doja Cat encounters call-out culture | Celebrities

Some people want to see Doja Cat lose.

The 25-year-old rap star has revealed that he prefers to hit cancel culture and deal with hatred with love.

She states: “Chaos is interesting, isn’t it? It happens, but people have good reasons to be upset sometimes, and people have no reason to be upset sometimes.”

Doja was previously accused of accusing racist language on chat room sites. She denied being involved in racist conversations, but now explains her thoughts on the controversy.

Lapster, who previously apologized to the offended person, told Power 106: And if you’re constantly fighting people who are trying to dismantle you, I don’t think it will benefit you or others. “

Last year, Doja used Instagram to address allegations of using racist language online.

Rapstar has decided to publicly apologize after #DojaCatIsOverParty has begun to become a trend on Twitter.

She states: “I want to talk about what’s happening on Twitter. I’ve been interacting with public chat rooms since I was a kid. I shouldn’t have been to a chat room site, but I’ve never been personally involved. In a racist conversation. I’m sorry to everyone who was offended. “

Doja later said, “I understand my influence and influence and take it all seriously. I love you. I’m sorry to upset or hurt you. That’s my personality. No. To everyone who moves it forward. “

Doja Cat encounters call-out culture | Celebrities

Source link Doja Cat encounters call-out culture | Celebrities

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