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Whitpan — November 4, millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jina, and some Buddhists celebrate positive celebrations of light against darkness, good against evil, hope and failure for despair. Observe the Diwali that is. This holiday, also known as the Festival of Lights, is centered around prayer, with burning candles, kerosene lamps, abundant sweets and colorful fireworks being the most prominent features. These “pujas” or “pujas” seek blessings from the gods, especially the goddess of affluence and happiness, Surimaharakshmi, at the beginning of the believer’s thinking of the New Year.

Diwali decoration at Bluebell’s house in Asya and Satya Verma. (Submitted photo)

Asha Verma, a longtime director of reader services at the Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library before retiring earlier this year, has lived in Bluebell for decades, but has lived in her native New Delhi and Mumbai, India. I can easily remember the Diwali festival in India. Pray, wish everyone happiness … these are the heart of the holiday, she explains. However, images of burning candles, clay lamps, and trays of various sweets appearing one after another also come to the fore in her childhood memories.

“The real joy came from lighting the lamps and candles,” she says. “It happened in every house … no matter how much money people had. They did what they could, and the same is true today. The lamps were placed outside and on the window sill as a welcome sign. It was … lots of lights and candles everywhere and every house. It was also a time when people were painting their homes and doing (heavy) cleaning to renew their homes.

Diwali decoration at Bluebell’s house in Asya and Satya Verma. (Submitted photo)

“And sweets … so many sweets. I still remember my mother making different sweets to give to my neighbors and friends, and as much as we give them. Early on, more people from the same neighbors and friends arrived at our house. No gifts … no toys … maybe no cash, but I put a few rupees on the collection plate and wish everyone happiness. Was common. “

Satya, the husband of Asya, a local optometrist who also teaches at Salus University, grew up in Haryana, northern India, and has similar memories.

“The overall idea of ​​painting and cleaning is to make everything fresh and cozy,” he says. “Candles and lamps are everywhere during the Diwali festival, even among the poorest people.”

Diwali, Barmouth’s daughter Kajar and grandchildren Jackson (7 years old) and Mia (6 years old) traveled from London, and daughter Puja and grandchildren Raffle (16 years old) and Ajay (12 years old) live in Hockessin. increase. Festival. This usually includes a dramatic reproduction display called Ramlila. The latter depicts the victory of Lord Rama, who was unfairly exiled to the wild for 14 years before killing 10 demon kings Ravana and regaining his legitimate throne in the Kingdom of Ayodhya with his wife Sita.

Other celebrities recall that after nine days of fierce battles, the Mother Goddess Durga defeated the devil’s buffalo Mahishasla. Both stories are understood as a metaphor for the victory of good over evil.

Rita Dilip Chess, a great councilor and former board of education chairman of the Balatiya Temple in Montgomeryville, said that the essence of the Festival of Light, the “true message,” goes far beyond external symbols. I emphasize it.

“Diwali is a festival of light that dispels the darkness of our ignorance … it shows the way of the journey of our lives,” says Chess. “The purpose is not to beautify the light of candles or the light of firecrackers. The purpose is to praise the darkness of this monotonous world with the true light, the light of God that bestows eternal light. The candles burn out. Fireworks are a momentary visual experience, but heart fires filled with calm candles and firecrackers (dedication to God) are sacred and eternal. These are what we should celebrate. “

Assha and Satya’s grandchildren, Raffle and Ajay, and family friends Simran (second from left), and Sophia wore the best clothes at their Diwali festival. (Submitted photo)

As Chess says, the true light of Diwali “should symbolize within us (and) the personal relationship between God and our family … rather than drawing attention from overtaking the car. , The envy of the neighborhood. “

“A piece of cotton, immersed in ghee and illuminated by a pure heart, a conscious heart, and a desperate desire to be free from ignorance, is more than 100 fashion dee packs illuminated by simple unconscious delight. Is also much brighter, “she adds. “That’s the real cleaning we have to do … the real meaning of starting anew. We have to cleanse our hearts, remove the darkness and bitterness, and make our hearts a clean and sparkling place for God to live. not.”

Baratya Temple will perform many religious ceremonies at the Diwali Festival before ending this year’s celebration with fireworks at 8 pm on November 5th and a dinner and cultural program at 5 pm on November 6th. The temple is located on 1612 County Line Road in Montgomery Building.Additional information is 215-997-1181 and www.b-temple.org..

Balatiya Temple in Montgomery Building. (Submitted photo)

Diwali brightens the lives of loyal people – the reporter online

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