Disappearance of Limerick Township woman remains ‘active investigation’ as family raises rewards – The Morning Call

The family of a Limerick Township woman who has been missing since January 3 has increased the amount of the bounty offered for information that helps law enforcement locate her. , said authorities are actively investigating her disappearance.

43-year-old Jennifer Brown’s family is now offering a $15,000 reward for information that helps locate her. That’s up from her $10,000 first offer last week. The woman’s friends and family also held a candlelight rally last weekend and created her Facebook page to share information.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele described the case as an “active investigation.”

“The investigation into the disappearance of Jennifer Brown is an active investigation and at this time we are unable to provide specific details without jeopardizing our work. We’ve explored all sides and interviewed many people involved in her life,” Steele said in a statement.

“We have received hundreds of information from members of the public, but unfortunately none have provided any significant clues and to date there have been no reliable sightings of Jennifer.

Authorities, who released a missing persons flyer last week, said Brown was Caucasian with brown hair and green eyes. am. Brown was last seen by friends and business associates at 2 p.m. on Jan. 3, authorities said.

Brown was scheduled to pick up his son from the bus station the following afternoon, Jan. 4, but did not show up, officials said. Authorities said her car was parked outside her home and her car keys, wallet, handbag and work phone were found inside her residence.

Brown’s personal cell phone has not been found and has not been in contact since the morning of January 4.

Steele said if anyone saw Brown or had information that might help locate her, call Limerick Township Police at 610-495-7909 or the Montgomery County Detective at 610-226-5553. Said I need to.

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