Director hears from community members about Maskman dating | News

East Wheatfield Township — A member of the United School District Board of Directors’ audience on Tuesday told directors about the current state’s mandate for masks.

One agreed with the order, the other three opposed, calling on the board to give parents the option to hide their children.

Jill Muir said the school is “a safe place for children” and “as a registered nurse who has worked throughout my career in this community, I haven’t downplayed the word” safety “.” Said.

“It’s not just resource officers that are safe … or Mrs. Short, our coaching counselor. Currently, our biggest safety threat is public health issues — I’m talking about political health issues. Please note that there is no. “

Muir said he has been at the forefront since March 13, 2020. “As we knew, life changed.”

From mid-November to the end of January, she said, “COVID patients did not stop.”

“Unfortunately, many passed by us alone … holding hands, stroking their foreheads, and saying they were loved.”

Muir told all the attendees, “I don’t want to wear a mask either. I hate wearing a mask. I’m immune. I’m still wearing a mask.”

“We are currently being crushed at a local hospital,” she said. According to data from the Ministry of Health website, Muir has had 40 new COVID cases in Indiana County since Monday, and as of September 12, only 45.2 percent of eligible county residents were vaccinated. rice field. “At local hospitals in our area,” she said, patients occupying the ICU are in their 20s and 60s. “These are young people.”

She stated on September 12, 2020 that there were 56 community members positive for COVID. “It was 186 on September 12th of this year.”

“Our hospital infrastructure can’t accept it,” she said. “In summary, masks not only reduce the transmission of COVID to our entire community, but also save hospital beds for you and your loved ones. Heart attacks, strokes, falls from trees. , Or if there is any other urgent need, we may not have a bed for you. We did not have a bed for you this morning.

“I’m here to talk to each and every one of this room, our local hospital is now there. Your neighbors and fellow taxpayers working in acute care facilities like me I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. “

Muir ended by asking the Board to continue following the Mandate Guidance and Masking Directives.

At Melanie Costello, school kids don’t wear masks, and one police officer and principal puts them on masks.

“When I see something like that, I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” she said. “I’m very proud of those kids because they support what their rights are.”

She said, “Everyone here has the right to mask if they want. Everyone here has the right not to mask if they want, and that should be.”

“I’m not telling people not to wear masks,” Costello said.

“If you want to put it in your child, you should have the right to do so,” she said. “If you don’t want your child to have it, you should have the right to do it.”

“There is no research” that can prove that cloth masks can stop the virus, Costello said.

She said the children she saw in these videos were “brave than most adults I see today and stand up for their rights.”

Costello said she grew up in Germany, and “throughout my childhood I learned about the Holocaust at school. I also learned from my grandparents what it was and what their story was. It was warm and I learned from my parents. “

“I always wondered, why did the Jews never fight back? What made them obey?” She said. She said it started with them, “slightly deprived of their rights.”

“There is a society where schools and people are becoming more dependent on government distributions and we are slowly losing our freedom, independence and self-sufficiency,” Costello said. “It was accepted as usual.”

“Always remember. There is no such thing as a free lunch. No one offers something of value without a reward.”

Costello told the board, “Do the right thing,” and left the choice to his parents.

“I want everyone to know that they can survive COVID at the age of 80,” Mary Ann Styles said in a brief speech. “I am a living proof.”

“I have one simple question. Why are your hands tied up when other school districts in Pennsylvania allow you to choose, and masks are optional in other school districts? Stiles asked the board. “My assumption is that we are all under the same edict (mission) from Governor Wolf (Tom). Why are our hands tied?”

Jeffrey Hodge said when it was recently discovered that people were expressing concern: You can implement it without being disturbed by the policy. “

“This hasn’t been enforced yet,” he said. “No coercion has been set, except for unfounded threats. () Schools can’t lose money from the state. That’s out of the question. Full responsibility of school board members — you understand I don’t know if you are, but you are all an extension of the Pennsylvania Legislature. No one can deprive you of your sovereignty exemption. The Ministry of Education does not have that authority. So does the Pennsylvania Legislature itself. The state legislature did not issue this order. “

“There is no way for parents to make decisions based on what they think is best for their children,” Hodge said. He told multiple school districts throughout the state, “I chose to give my parents a choice. No worries in the world. It’s my parents’ right.”

Hodge went on to say that it was “terrible” for the school to send a four-year-old child home. “He sneezes in class, goes home because a high school student blows his nose, or someone’s buddy had a COVID. And his brother came to school and his brother was the other four. I contacted my child. Currently … I’m quarantining half of my class. “

“Quarantine is for sick people. Isolation and quarantine are almost the same,” he said. “Send sneezing kids home. It’s the season of allergies. My kids have terrible allergies. Thankfully he had to wear a mask for the past few days. Otherwise, I didn’t have time to spend at school because I sent him home because of a sneeze.

“This is what my parents are doing. And through all of that, we were afraid to stand up as a school board to give parents choices, that is, choices. Making masks illegal. No. We are asking you to choose whether or not to send your children, with or without masks. “

Hodge told the board, “The choice is up to you.”

“Your hands are not tied. It’s a gray area of ​​legality, and no one wants to ruffle its wings, so we want to count on it. You won’t lose money — unfounded Threat. You won’t lose your pension … and teachers won’t be fired. Choose it. Choose. “

Board Chairman Eric Mataba said that everyone “feels strongly about this issue,” as evidenced by Tuesday night’s comments, last week’s comments, and emails received by the board and government. I told the audience that the meeting understood.

“We know it’s a controversial issue,” he said. “We know there are people who oppose it, and that’s okay.”

Mataba also said he knew, “Everyone in this room tonight is here for the same reason: for the community and students.” He said they would continue to monitor the situation and consider the advice of district lawyers, especially in the light of upcoming hearings on this issue.

“In the meantime, we encourage you to share your feedback with the Ministry of Health with officials in our school district and other states in positions that have made decisions that affect students,” he said. I did.

Mataba also thanked the attendees for respecting the opinions of others.

Director hears from community members about Maskman dating | News

Source link Director hears from community members about Maskman dating | News

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