Diocese of Pittsburgh on alert as Roe v. Wade progresses

Pittsburgh (KDKA)-The parish of the Pittsburgh parish is wary of potential protesters confusing the public this weekend over the possibility of overthrowing the Roe v. Wade case.

KDKA-TV receives an email sent by Bishop David Zubik and advises you to take some precautions.

In his email to the priest, the bishop specifically referred to the video found in the group’s Twitter feed. Ruth sent usThis is calling for church protests nationwide this weekend.

Protesters named after the late liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dressed as slave women in books and the movie The Handmaid’s Tale, and in previous church protests the masses with pro-hymns. I was confused.

After consulting with the Pittsburgh FBI field office, the bishop said there were no known threats to the parish church in particular. Nevertheless, the bishop told the priests that they should remain vigilant.

It is estimated that the protest will target the cathedral and the visible central church building. But it’s unclear where and when protesters can appear in the church of the Parish Church of Pittsburgh this weekend, or if they will. KDKA-TV will continue to contact law enforcement agencies and issue an immediate warning if notified of a particular threat to Pittsburgh.

Zubik went on to advise the ministers to review their safety plans and appoint someone, perhaps a guide, to call 911 as soon as a protester appeared. Zubik also advised the church to make sure the security cameras were working, and above all, to be calm and not in conflict.

Diocese of Pittsburgh on alert as Roe v. Wade progresses

Source link Diocese of Pittsburgh on alert as Roe v. Wade progresses

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