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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Dickinson, Season 3, Episode 7, “The Future never spoke.”]

Well in its third and last season, Dickinson Although it has become synonymous with surrealistic scenes, the latest work “The future was not told” is Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) And Lavinia (Anna Baryshnikov) Travel to the future via the gazebo.

Opening up the future 100 years from now, the girls find a home surrounded by young women who are also college students, including Sylvia Plath (guest performer). Chloe Fineman). Emily took her sisters to her home (now the Emily Dickinson Museum) and learned that her poetry had become famous and controversial among literary figures.

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“I remember reading this season and making that particular episode stand out for multiple reasons,” Steinfeld told TV Insider. “The main thing was that this was such a turning point in Emily’s relationship with Lavinia. Throughout the previous season, I’ve seen really nice sister moments with them, but in this particular episode, 2 Something is happening between people. “

Steinfeld hints at Emily’s sexuality topic. During a conversation with Sylvia, Emily and Lavinia are informed that the version scholars have come to know, that Emily had a crush on a man, or that she believed she was a lesbian.

Emily tries to move the conversation into reality in the 1950s, pretending that this fact about herself hasn’t been taken up, but Lavinia soon follows up with her sister about possible revelations. Ultimately, Emily admits that she has only fallen in love with Sue (Era Hunt) And everyone else.

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“She always felt connected to Lavinia,” says Steinfeld. “She always felt a deep love for her, but she saw in Lavinia at this very pure and realistic moment admitting that she was in love with Sue, or was in love with Sue. I feel like I’m being done. “

“That’s not what she actually said out loud,” Steinfeld admits. “On the other side, the fact that Lavinia is very supportive of her at that moment is neither shocking nor shameful. It’s a really beautiful moment between the two.”

Baryshnikov also reflects the feelings of her co-star and points out that Lavinia played an essential role in preserving Emily’s poetic heritage after her death. “Lavinia and Emily are working with Emily’s heritage, because we know that later in Lavinia’s life, she will be the reason Emily’s poetry goes out into the world.” Baryshnikov says.

Dickinson Season 3 Chloe Fineman as Sylvia Plath

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“But I love the dissonance between Dickinson, as described by Sylvia Plath, and Dickinson, which many of us know. This white woman is in contrast to the characters we created with our sisters. I was depressed and had no love in life. I know Lavinia, “Baryshnikov added. “And that episode defines our version of Emily Dickinson, and it was a lot of fun to play with that heritage.”

Emily and Lavinia’s decision to meet Sylvia Plath was heavily considered by series creators, showrunners, and episode co-authors. Arena Smith ((((Ziwe Fumudoh He also co-authored the person who plays Sojourner Truth in the series). “I loved the idea that Emily met Sylvia Plath and confronted perhaps America’s greatest 20th-century female poet,” Smith says. “I also like to joking that it’s like a trip to the world’s most disappointing future because she goes to the future, but she only reached 1955 and she I find it pretty terrible there. “

This recognition allows Emily to see what she has in her time, especially with Sue. Details of the poet’s life still unpacked by Emily Dickinson’s readers today. “We are still unpacking and dismantling a fairly serious myth about who Emily is,” Smith said.

“So it’s funny, it’s dark, and it’s also all done by Dickinson’s scholars and the Dickinson Museum to challenge Emily’s accepted concept, reveal the relationship between Emily and Sue, and give Emily. It’s proof of her wonderful work and regains her power, “Smith confirms.

See other ways the show continues to unveil that aspect of Emily’s life as Season 3 continues on the Apple TV +.

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“Dickinson”: Hailee Steinfeld and Anna Baryshnikov’s Trippy Sister Story | Entertainment News

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