Dev Patel Becomes Scammer Syndrome | Movie

Dev Patel suffers from fraudster syndrome “very often”.

Gawain, his character in the “Knight of the Greens,” because he believes that the story of King Arthur’s nephew resembles his own journey as an actor, including many moments of self-suspicion. A 31-year-old actor who was equated with.

He states: “It’s a medieval film, but I have many similarities to the career journey of a young actor.

“The idea of ​​being known and ambitious, but how much does it cost? And the idea that Gawain feels unfit for himself, surrounded by all these legends at the round table. I often encountered situations with fraudster syndrome, just like him. “

However, although Dev equated it with his character, the original “Skins” actor enjoyed playing a character that was very different from many other roles.

He states: “In this movie, I’ve removed all the open-eyed vulnerabilities I usually lean on. I have to play a cold, chilly, broken, exhausted person along the way. did not.”

Dev also looked back at the “crazy” times of life that became world-famous thanks to his role in “Slamdog $ Millionaire.”

He told The Times Saturday Review: It was ridiculous in every sense.Pulled out of the box room in Rainers Lane [in north west London]..

“I was traveling all over the train, but suddenly it appeared on the cover of a piece of paper. There was a moment in the carriage where my head turned one by one and started staring at meerkats. It was a crazy experience. And I still feel that way in some ways today. I can’t take a Reiners Lane kid out of me. “

Dev Patel Becomes Scammer Syndrome | Movie

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