Detective honored for investigating robbery cases in churches in multiple counties

PLYMOUTH – Lowermoreland and Abington detectives have recently been commended by the Supreme Law Enforcement Agency of Montgomery County for their “continuous” efforts to investigate robbery in an early closed church in the pandemic.

Lower Moreland Township Detective Holly J. Harota and Abington Township Detective Ryan M. Danzi were honored by District Attorney Kevin R. Steele at a recent ceremony at the Montgomery County Public Security Training Campus in Plymouth Township.

Steele arrested two Philadelphia men in 10 night invasions in the chapels of the counties of Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia between February 20 and March 17, 2020. I acknowledged the result of the investigation.

“These detectives spent hundreds of hours on this incident during the early days of the COVID pandemic and made tireless efforts,” Steele said during the ceremony. “During the months of this investigation, the evidence was carefully collected and compiled.”

Gabriel E. Minnick, 23, and Semaj Munir Howard, 22, were sentenced to six to 14 years in state prison last year after being found guilty of robbery, conspiracy, and theft. Multiple intrusions.

Robbers from various denominational churches in Abington, Uppermoreland, Lowermoreland, and Certnam, precious metals, vaults, small amounts of cash, portable communion kits, silver church communion trays, bottles of wine, poor. I stole a box donation, a TV, and other electronic devices. Arrest Affidavit, Philadelphia, Lower Southampton, Bucks County, Montgomery County.

In addition, the robbery caused serious damage to the church. Some of them are historic buildings, prosecutors claimed.

MTFs in multiple jurisdictions, led by Duntzee and Halota, have discovered that robbery has a common plan. Intrusions were usually forced through windows, and stolen items were essentially similar.

Investigators linked Minick and Howard to robbery through video surveillance, photographs, cell phone records, pawnshop transactions, and the clothing they wore.

“The robbery committed was a classic” trick “crime. This is essentially the same pattern of behavior to construct a virtual fingerprint of one or more actors, known as a common plan, plan, or design, “Duntzee and Halota criminalize. I am writing to a person. Complaints.

At the time of his arrest, Steele characterized the crime as “condemned.”

“Due to the splendor of the investigation and the overwhelming evidence against them, the defendant was convicted and sentenced to six to 14 years in a state prison in December 2021,” Steele said at the awards ceremony.

Harota and Danzi are 29 law enforcement members and eight civilians who were praised at the annual awards ceremony for what Steele characterized as “their extraordinary efforts, exemplary work, and heroism.” Was one of them.

“Montgomery County has many reasons, including the fact that law enforcement agencies are willing to help residents to support their work in keeping all of us safe and ensuring that criminals are arrested and prosecuted. It’s a great place to live and work, and there are also the best law enforcement officers and staff who work every day with the highest levels of professionalism, “Steel said at the ceremony. “These winners are the best.”

Detective honored for investigating robbery cases in churches in multiple counties

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