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Democrats stand behind Biden public land in opposition | Business

Billings, Montana. (AP) — The U.S. Senate panel saw President Joe Biden in the west on Thursday as the Democratic Party stood united behind a candidate whose credibility was attacked by the Republicans in connection with the 1989 environmental disruption incident. He got stuck by choosing to oversee the vast government-owned land.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Commission’s 10:10 draw sets up a floor vote on the nomination of Tracy Stone Manning. All Senate Republicans and at least one Democrat are required to block her confirmation in an evenly divided room.

At stake is the leadership of the Land Management Department of the Interior Ministry. The agency oversees energy production, recreation and other activities primarily on approximately 2.5 billion acres of public land in the west.

Stone-Manning is a former Democratic Governor Steve Bullock’s top aide and recently served as Vice President of the National Wildlife Federation. Her defense of land conservation is in stark contrast to the Land Department’s priorities under former President Donald Trump, who sought to accelerate oil and gas drilling approvals and open up new land for development. ..

Washington Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell said fierce opposition to Stone-Manning among Republicans is rooted in the potential for change in government agencies.

“This is beyond the biggest opposition. What is actually being tried here is the future of American public land … the mining of oil, gas, coal and minerals,” Kantwell said. ..

Republican lawmakers focused on the relationship between Stone Manning and the 1989 sabotage of timber sales in Clearwater National Forest, Idaho, calling her an “eco-terrorist” unfit to oversee the Land Department. called.

Two of Stonemanning’s friends were convicted of inserting metal spikes into a tree more than four years later, and logging was dangerous. She was exonerated by the prosecutor and testified to them.

“This wasn’t a minor crime she attempted to conspire,” said Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee. People are hurt and killed by such actions. “

West Virginia Democrats and Commission Chairman Joe Manchin said there was no evidence that Stone-Manning had committed any crime.

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the majority, said Thursday that Vice President Kamala Harris would vote for her nomination before the Senate, which could tiebreak for confirmation.

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Democrats stand behind Biden public land in opposition | Business

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