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Parliamentary and presidential elections are usually the hottest and the highest turnout, but in local elections, voters can make the most impact on the community. These elections have traditionally been defined by local issues (roads, schools, land conservation, local taxes), but in this election cycle, Republicans are trying to make voters forget all the progress they have made. I’m trying to bring the problem to our county. Because the Democratic Party has taken over the column offices and so many city halls.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Republicans crossed a border that looked like a third rail in the last few years — they’re trying to politicize our school. A disinformation campaign promoted by Fox News and their right-wing Dark Money allies aimed to scare parents and oppose devoted volunteers serving each other and on the school board. From racial tensions to bans and the shame of LGBTQ + students, Republicans have sought to make students the latest pawns of cultural warfare. This may be expected by Republicans in Texas and Florida, but it’s happening here in Chester County, led by the Chester County Republican Commission.

Republicans are trying to whiten history and change our school from the dystopian novel “1984” to something, but Chester County Democrats are candidates who believe in science, facts and keep politics away from the school board. We are supporting. From Oxford to Owen J Roberts and from Coatesville to Phoenixville, there are candidates who want to put their students first, keep their schools open and safe, and keep Chester County schools the best in the country.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Republicans have detained our county government for generations. From rebuilding to the destruction of the Republican Party under Donald Trump, the “R” next to your name has ensured almost one victory in Chester County. But times have changed, and voters have seen what happens when they appoint competent and competent leaders.

Chester County voters have seen how Margaret Leif streamlined the country controller’s office process, increased transparency, and saved taxpayers’ money. They have seen how Patricia Maisano has spent the last four years rebuilding a functional and effective accounting office after more than eight years of Republican neglect. This has resulted in significant wins for taxpayers, including auditing some of the largest companies in Chester County to ensure fair distribution.

Court clerk Yolanda Van de Krol also saved taxpayers by making the office more efficient, but she implemented electronic filing and other technical improvements to our judicial system. Brought to the 21st century. These changes not only improve the accuracy of the records, but also guarantee a fair trial of the victims and defendants of the crime. The coroner’s office has also seen significant improvements under Christina Van de Poele. Christina Van de Poele is ready to take over this important position to her deputy, Sophia Garcia Jackson. Sophia has managed many important aspects of the coroner’s office and has led the rationalization of office budgets to increase transparency. There is no basis for the claim that a coroner must be a doctor who can identify infectious diseases, etc., because once called, diagnosis and treatment will be delayed.

I know that many people have already voted by mail. If you still have the ballot at home, be sure to bring it to the drop box. It’s too late to mail. If you haven’t voted yet, don’t distract. Republicans are trying to nationalize local elections with disinformation and disinformation. This election is about keeping Chester County moving forward. It’s about ensuring the best schools, competent government officials, and judges to comply with the law. Vote for Democratic candidates this Tuesday and keep moving forward together.

Charlotte Valyo is the chairman of the Chester County Democratic Commission.

Democrats keep moving Chester County forward – Daily Local

Source link Democrats keep moving Chester County forward – Daily Local

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