Democrats Hold Rally Against Senate Bill at Downtown State College

STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — State College officials joined members of the Democratic Party on Saturday morning to oppose Senate Bill 106.

At 11:30 a.m. Saturday, community members joined statewide leadership to speak on Senate Bill 106. The bill seeks to limit reproductive rights in the state, including removing access to funding and safe, legal abortion. Additionally, the proposed law seeks to raise the minimum voting age in the state to her 21, depriving young and student voters of their rights until they are older.

The event was held at the MLK Plaza and was attended by Pennsylvania House of Representatives 82nd Candidate Paul Tuckuk, Pennsylvania House of Representatives 81st Candidate Ian Kidd, and University Park Faculty Association Chair of Government Affairs Gisele Concepcion. participated as a speaker. Member of the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters and Representative Malcolm Kenyatta of the 181st District of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

“And if they can do it again in the next session, they will probably be put to the ballot next spring in a very uninformed, low-visibility, low-turnout election,” Tuckuk said. “It could fundamentally change so many things in our constitution.”

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Takak and Kidd are running for the general election on November 8th. Democrats Hold Rally Against Senate Bill at Downtown State College

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