Democrats fighting for true family values


Where did all the morals go? President Dwight Eisenhower said that parties that do not promote rights and morals are not parties, and that it is a conspiracy to seize power.
Honorable Republicans remain, but are hard to find. The party continues to be threatened by tremendous liars. I learned that Judges Brett Kavanaugh and Samuel Alito of the Supreme Court lied when they said at a confirmation hearing that the Roe v. Wade case had been settled as a precedent. Otherwise it would not have been confirmed.

Almost two-thirds of Republicans believe in big lie about stolen elections. They demand individual rights and freedoms, but only their own. Release from the mask caused the spread of COVID-19 and killed thousands. Their concerns about the fetus erase the individual rights and freedoms of the mother. Many already born children are suffering because Republicans are reducing their spending on social welfare and health care. They ban books, but not guns. Guns erase an individual’s right to life after birth. The book didn’t kill anyone. They must be open-minded and afraid of critical thinking.

For generations, many believed that left-handed people were cursed. Now we know that it is genetic. But we are told to hate and fear LGBTQ people. This is also hereditary, but children should not learn it.

While Republicans are fighting Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney, Democrats are fighting for voting rights, expanded health care, and childcare, which is truly a family value.

Jane Beck
Breakfast Township

Democrats fighting for true family values

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