Delta surge record of 13 deaths and hospitalization

An additional 13 COVID-19 deaths were reported by Berks County coroner Jonn M. Hollenbach. This is another big blow to the Delta Variant Serge, which is more solid than ever.

The Friday-Wednesday deaths included a 49-year-old man and a 58-year-old female who died at a leading hospital on Wednesday.

The rest ranged from 60 to 85 years old. Nine died in a reading hospital. Three died at Penn State Health St. Joseph and one died at his home.

All were residents of Burks, except for women in Montgomery County.

That part of the coroner’s report was previously published on

The death toll in November was 48, and the total pandemic increased to 1,142.

The majority of recent deaths are men, 29 out of 48 this month.

In October, a total of 60 people died. This was the worst month of Delta Serge, killing 36 out of 60 people.

60% of deaths after October 1st are men.

September wasn’t as big as the majority.

Case and death statistics Pennsylvania Health Department Pandemic Dashboard It shows that 51.5% of pandemic deaths in the state were men. Men have over 47% of cases diagnosed in the state.

In the pandemic-wide Burks, 52% of deaths and just under 47% of diagnosed cases, including the recent surge.

It’s unclear if there is anything behind the recent surge.

Coroner statistics will also be more detailed, And during the pandemic, there were 40 cases where the COVID status was unknown until after death. Further testing and investigation was needed.

Twenty-seven of the 40 were men.

Coroners only reported COVID deaths that occurred in the county, including nearly 100 people who do not currently live in Burks.

The state reports that Burks inhabitants died wherever they occurred. More than 100 Burks residents have died outside the county.

Meanwhile, the total number of deaths in the state of Burks residents has increased to 1,199.

Pennsylvania’s death toll increased by 142 overall on Thursday, bringing the total pandemic to 33,247.

Coroners report the death in real time, and the state reports the death when the documents arrive at the recording office. Usually a few days late.


Both Burks and Pennsylvania set Delta Serge records on Thursday’s hospitalization at 111 and 3,456 on the pandemic dashboard.

The dashboard is the number of statistics from the previous day. In this case it is Wednesday. Delta surges continued until the 20th week in Burks and Pennsylvania.

The number of patients in the intensive care unit was 18 and 764, respectively. For Berks, the ICU count was off the delta record of 21 in the last dashboard update. For the state, it was the latest in a daily record for almost two weeks.

Burks Hospital did not renew on holidays. NS Latest number of reading hospitals Of the 66 patients, 47 were unvaccinated.

The number of ICUs was 6, and 5 were unvaccinated.

At Penn State Health St. Joseph Hospital, a total of 32 patients were evenly divided into fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

The number of critical cares was 6 who were fully vaccinated and 5 who were not vaccinated.

The entire Penn State Health System has a total of 21 patients with unknown vaccination status, about one-sixth of the total, but the dashboard does not specify which hospital they are in. ..

St. Joseph has a disproportionate number of vaccinated patients compared to other hospitals across the Penn State Health System and the Tower Health System.

A Penn State Health spokeswoman said he would investigate the reason behind it.

Anyone who has been vaccinated once with a two-shot vaccine is considered unvaccinated. States and hospitals do not provide more specific statistics.

NS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows Pennsylvania The average number of new visitors for 7 days is 388. High infection rates continue in all counties.

Burkes has 71 new COVID hospitalizations It’s easy to get delta high in 7 days.

Case data

Burks added a total of 392 COVID cases and reinfections over two days on Thursday, for a total pandemic of 63,640.

The 7-day average dropped from 202 to 193, and the delta highest point of 246 was out of the calculation.

The 14-day average reached 181 and was the height of the delta.

The average smoothes the uneven processing of test results.

The number of reinfections that are part of the total is unknown. The state states that they will not be tracked individually. A reinfection is registered if someone has a positive test more than 90 days after the first positive.

Medical personnel have repeatedly stated that the actual number of cases is likely to be two to three times the official total.

Pennsylvania added about 10,000 cases in a total of two days, bringing the total pandemic to over 1.71 million.

The state’s daily number of cases has declined since it peaked above 7,000 recently due to the delta surge.

Burks has accounted for about 4% of state cases in the last two days and has a population of about 3.3% of the state.

NS The national trend of cases continues to rise, According to the CDC. The national average for 7 days rose from 64,021 on October 24th to 94,266.


State dashboard statistics continued to show that the Booster / Third Shot category was leading the way.

Burks totaled up to 218,319, with nearly 27,000 boosted partials and more than 38,000 parts fully inoculated.

For the entire state, the same numbers were about 6.6 million, almost 1.1 million, and about 1.5 million.

The Ministry of Health advertised 73.7% of fully inoculated Pennsylvania residents over the age of 18 in a press release on November 23, but by November 24 it had decreased by 68.8%.

It was unclear what happened and no one was able to answer the question on the holidays.

NS CDC figures for the number of fully vaccinated In Burks, it was reduced to nearly 30,000 and to 213,994 who were fully vaccinated over the age of 12.

The proportion also declined to 59.3% of the fully vaccinated population aged 12 and over, 61.2% of the population aged 18 and over, and 76.7% of the population aged 65 and over.

However, the CDC account for partially vaccinated Burks residents was up to about 72,000, almost three times the calculation for states in the same category.

The number of initial shots of the CDC’s Burks residents under the age of 12 was approximately 2,400.

There were some statistical cleanups on the number of vaccinations, eliminating duplicates and other obvious errors. Starting with the biggest one on July 9, the total Burks have been reduced by more than 20,000 and the state total has been reduced by nearly 600,000.


392: Cases and reinfection (2 days in total)

63,640: Pandemic total

191: 14-day average

111: hospitalization

1,199: Death, condition

1,142: Death, coroner

218,319: Fully vaccinated Burks resident, CDC

Delta surge record of 13 deaths and hospitalization

Source link Delta surge record of 13 deaths and hospitalization

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