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South Florida Sun-Sentinel ends its 10-part series with a top outlook for the next NFL Draft (April 28-30) at Defensive Harness. This draft class includes 6 dozen defensive tackles with the characteristics needed to get started and another dozen that should be considered a rotation player.

Jordan Davis of Georgia

This 6’6, 340 lb defensive tackle is a giant human, moving at the speed of a cat (4.78 times in a 40 yard dash). Davis got off well and is playing at a sustained pad level. His ability to eat double teams frees linebackers and allows them to work. However, he was a Limited Pass Rusher (7 sack in 4 seasons) and was able to benefit and stay fresh by playing in intense rotation.

Devonte Wyatt, Georgia

Wyatt is an impressive athlete with the functional strength to play at a high level in the NFL. It doesn’t hurt that he has heavy and violent hands and a relentless motor. He will benefit from good coaching as he is basically raw and his lack of length and poor use of his hands appear in the film. But that means he’s left a lot of upside down.

Travis Jones in Connecticut

Jones has the size and strength needed to devour a blocker. He has impressive agility and turning skills, and has a motor that rarely idles. He is respected for being a physical player, but he should be able to do more than a bull rush, so he needs better coaching to refine the game.

Alabama’s Fidarian Mathis

Hiring an Alabama Defense Lineman in a draft is like buying a good stock, as it turns out to be a safe investment. Despite being 6 feet-4, 320 pounds, Mathis plays at much smaller player speeds. He has some problems with run games, which may limit what schemes he can play as he moves forward.

Oprah Winfrey of Okrahoma

Winfrey is a cramping athlete trying to break through the gap as a rusher. He has a quick hand and a low center of gravity, so he can play at a good pad level. His lack of length means that he sometimes struggles to maintain traffic against the run. He is perfect for one-gap schemes.

Best of the rest

De Marvin Leal of Texas A & M, Haskell Garrett of Ohio State University, Matthew Butler of Tennessee, and Zachary Carter of Florida all have the talent to become NFL starters, if not rotation players, if they participate in the right plans. I am. And talented like LSU’s Neil Farrell Jr., Michigan’s Christopher Hinton Arkansaw’s John Ridgeway, Minnesota’s Esegio Tomewo, and Texas A & M’s Jayden Peaby, can steal on the third day.

Class grade: D

The defensive tackle class will fall off the cliff after a dozen first half outlooks in this position. To make matters worse, most of this class is scheme-specific players. This means that no team wants to be left empty at the end of the draft, so expect a run in this position throughout the draft.

Team in trouble

The Packers, Vikings, Buccaneers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Raiders and Chargers are one of the teams eager to add a starting caliber player to their defense line. However, there are about six other teams that would benefit from choosing one to improve the depth of the team in the trench.

Dolphin focus

Dolphins have four defensive linemen, all with beginner talent, but neither has proven superior and requires a double team. And if this unit gets injured, the dolphins will struggle. This explains the slow start of last season’s team, where Raekwon Davis missed four games. Miami needs to add a young middle guard that can be groomed as a rotation player. It will benefit the team in the long run.

Deal with before

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Defensive Harness-Reading Eagle

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