Defense claims dismissal of prosecution in a January 6 parliamentary attack on a sandbar woman |

A local female lawyer involved in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol is trying to dismiss one of her charges based on the applicability of the law itself.

Public defender on behalf of Riley June Williams claims that the allegations of confusion in the electoral college are outside the established scope, and Williams accuses her of interfering with “official proceedings” under federal law. A petition was filed on November 19 requesting that the number of charges be dismissed. Of federal law.

Williams, a 2017 Mechanicsburg Area High School graduate currently living in Dauphin County, is one of hundreds of people accused of crimes related to the January 6 incident. Parliamentary certification of the results of the electoral college.

According to federal investigators, Williams was involved in the theft of a laptop computer from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office after a Trump-backed riot broke into Congress.

The indictment against Williams has charged her with multiple crimes related to trespassing and chaotic behavior, as well as sabotage.

In the dismissal allegations, Williams lawyers pointed out “formal proceedings” as the case was a matter of judicial or quasi-judiciary nature, and the move of federal prosecutors to apply obstruction law to electoral colleges. Claims to be overly wide.

The prosecution has not yet submitted a response, and the judge has not yet decided on a motion. The proceedings in the Williams proceedings will continue prior to the hearing scheduled for February 18, 2022.

According to the FBI’s affidavit in the case of Williams, Williams can be seen in a “pointing to and directing intruder” video on the stairs leading to Pelosi’s office during the January 6 riots. ..

According to the affidavit, the FBI also says that a person suspected of Williams “hey, gloved” before he saw his gloved hand lifting his laptop off the desk in Pelosi’s office. I got a video that I can hear.

Posts to Discord, an online chat service believed to be from Williams, contain messages such as “I STOLE SHIT FROM NANY POLESI”. [sic], “According to the FBI.

According to the FBI’s affidavit, the agent also claimed that Williams’ former romantic partner would send the computer or hard drive to a Russian friend for sale to Russian foreign intelligence agencies.

During a court appearance in January, Williams’ lawyer told the judge, and these allegations were “exaggerated” by Williams’ abusive ex-boyfriend, according to reports from national media outlets such as the Washington Post. “. Williams took the president’s food and entered the Capitol. “

According to the post, beyond the claims of her previous partner, the FBI did not definitively state that Williams owned a laptop, and her lawyer said an agent searched her car and home, Williams told the court that he didn’t have a computer.

According to federal court records, Williams pleaded not guilty in a formal prosecution in October.

According to court records, Williams lives in Dauphin County with his mother, and Williams’ father lives in Camp Hill. According to the affidavit, Williams’ father told the FBI that he and his daughter participated in the protest on January 6, but met to return to Pennsylvania because he wasn’t with her all day.

Williams was released from prison shortly after his arrest in January, subject to house arrest by location surveillance devices, and is only allowed to leave his home for a limited time, subject to judicial approval.

Defense claims dismissal of prosecution in a January 6 parliamentary attack on a sandbar woman |

Source link Defense claims dismissal of prosecution in a January 6 parliamentary attack on a sandbar woman |

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