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Pittsburgh (KDKA) — The family is desperately looking for an answer as police are tracking a man who allegedly shot dead De’Avry Thomas for 18 months.

It happened in the middle of the afternoon in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

Now, community activists say there is more work to be done to curb violence.

Thomas’ grandmother, Barbara Jean Johnson, held back tears when she said about the boy’s murderer. “”

Thomas’s family wants the responsible man who killed him to be held accountable, not the other family members who feel the same, indescribable pain.

“He was a special kid for all of us,” Johnson said.

Pittsburgh police have issued an arrest warrant to 23-year-old Markez Anger. He is the second suspect in the case following the arrest of alleged shooting driver Rondel Falconer. Police picked him up at Mercy Hospital on Monday. There he was being treated for a gunshot wound from another shoot early that morning.

Police said they saw Falconer and Anger rushing from shootings on Fourth Street and Stanwix Street in a surveillance video.

Witnesses said they saw the pair throwing jeep, license plates and Red Bull into the Troy Hill trash can.

Police said neither the child nor the mother was the intended target, but another person in the car.

Community leaders said they believed that shooting was bringing a new focus to the epidemic of gun violence.

Local activist Brandy Fisher said he felt the community needed to invest more in the black community before changes could be seen.

“These events are not seen at Squalel Hill,” she said. “I don’t see these happening on Mount Lebanon. Ask yourself why, because their youth have a lot of opportunities. Their institutions are well invested. Everything is important. “

Fisher said he believes he can if he really wants to solve the epidemic. She said it was a simple fix. We need to have the will to do it.

“We have to change our policies. We have to make sure we invest in the community. Then we put on our own boots and go out and we care. You need to connect with people who say you’re on the go, “she added. ..

Police urge anyone who has information about the whereabouts of anger to help with their investigation.

De’Avry Thomas-CBS Pittsburgh

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