Day Reed Ket: June 28, 2022

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“But those who want the Lord will renew their power. They will soar with eagle-like wings. They will run, never get tired, walk, and will not decline.” Isaiah 40:31

When we put hope in God, God takes us to places we thought impossible. There is nothing impossible for God. Even if we feel weak, God makes us stronger. — FREE Executive Director Andrea McHenry

Marriage license application

• William J. Emery (21 years old) and Savannah J. Swarts (20 years old) in Alexandria, Huntingdon County.

• Stephanie B.Unger, 51, Robert S. Micklus, 52, both 513 Florence Ave., Windsor Township.

• Janice L. Yerger, 47, Quinn M. Haller, 45, both 821 N. 25th St., Mount Penn.

• Hilary H. Neilson (33 years old) and William J. Tiernan (41 years old), both in Bend, Oregon.

• Austin R. Zebertavage (37 years old) and Catherine H. Addison (25 years old), both Reeseport.

Day Reed Ket: June 28, 2022

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