David Xu debuts visionary redneck art film | Screen | Pittsburgh

Occasionally, long before that era, works of art that dazzle the vision appear, so all you can do is sit and marvel. This is the case for David Xu, who made his self-titled debut in the US Senate.

From the moment a Republican candidate appears on the screen, sits proudly on the tractor, and not only kills at least two small animals, but also wears clothes to let him know he’s about to kill, he gradually knows he’s there. style.. (Note: There is no evidence that he directed this himself, but if he had to bet his savings on only one, Xu put this together and looked at the final “cut”, “Oh. , Yes, this is one. “)

Xu doesn’t waste time. Other campaigns may be interested in “camera quality,” “editing,” “appropriate sound quality,” etc., but here we have filmmakers who are only interested in one thing: the truth. Or at least his version. Think of him as a redneck Godard (by the way, this is not a slur, as he describes himself as a “redneck candidate”).

“We want to return to the small government promised by the Constitution. Now let’s stop socialism and communism.” This is his opening, his artistic manifesto. Then, with a bold stroke, he cuts to him in exactly the same place, but on the other side, like 6 inches, inconsistently. It’s called art, people. investigate.

“There is no big racist problem in America. There is a problem with criminal activity. Arrest all criminals.” Who needs the details when you have a vision? There is no other cut.

“Like us, Congress needs ordinary people. A veteran who believes in and loves the Constitution.” Another cut, this time to him with a tractor, but wide-angle. We are playing with fire now.

And that’s how he left. As soon as he launches our YouTube screen (and “us” mainly means “me”, I think it accounts for 7 out of 30 views of the video). He disappears. Off he goes to his tractor. Where may you ask? We probably never know. But we know that he marked the history of political advertising in 30 brilliant seconds.

David Xu debuts visionary redneck art film | Screen | Pittsburgh

Source link David Xu debuts visionary redneck art film | Screen | Pittsburgh

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