David Benoit’s Christmas Tribute to Charlie Brown-Young People Serve Reading Eagle

Jazz lovers can enjoy the annual Boschoffsbergs Jazz Fest Holiday Concert by pianist / composer David Benoit. When At 3 o’clock on Sunday, you can get a glimpse of the activities of the Burks Youth Chorus at the Mirror Arts Center at Reading Area Community College.

Featuring singer-songwriter Courtney Fortune from Berks Arts, “David Benoit Christmas Tribute to Charlie Brown” continues the long tradition of welcoming the holiday season with jazz. And is there a better way to celebrate your beloved peanut character than the chorus of students in grades 5-12?

David Benoit brings a tribute to Charlie Brown Christmas to the Mirror Center on Sunday afternoon.

While Benoit was touring the country, he asked to join a choir chosen to participate in presenting the familiar Christmas and “Charlie Brown” songs after a break. BYC Executive and Artistic Director Sam Barge is pleased that the students will be able to perform on this occasion, with a chorus of 15 to 20 chorales (5th to 7th grade) and master singer (8th grade). Said to be composed of singers. ~ 12).

Barge, who became BYC’s artistic director in the fall of 2020 and recently took over the role of managing director, has had its first live concert performed by an old choir since the shutdown of the COVID-19 pandemic on November 15. By the way, he said. The youngest chorus, All Stars (grades 3 and 4), will resume live performances after being fully vaccinated.

“I had the foresight at the beginning of the respiratory pandemic to get a choral (master’s) degree and graduate,” Barge said with a laugh. “I am very grateful that I was hired in spite of everything.”

“Everything” included learning how to manage virtual rehearsals and online performance on the fly. Choral conductors around the world have scrambled to give the singer the opportunity to keep and play together and in a good voice.

Born in Marietta, Georgia and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Barge said the 2020-21 academic year, which includes three virtual concerts, is a major challenge. The rehearsal consisted of the singer tuning to hear the barge playing the piano and singing the parts. Next, the singer needs to record himself, and the barge needs to assemble the parts.

“We had to reinvent the wheel,” he said.

But despite the difficulties, “It was a moment to pause and ask. Why do you do this? Why join the chorus?” Barge said. “I tried to focus on building more communities.”

In the rehearsal, in addition to part-time learning, we participated in the Chorus for Causes program, where children learn about philanthropy, service, and issues of interest. They select problem areas to investigate seasonally and select community partners to volunteer. Each concert serves as a platform for the organization’s fundraising and advocacy.

The Fall 2020 Concert has benefited United Way’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. A winter concert focused on the Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center. In the spring of 2021, they chose Mary’s shelter. The Fall 2021 concert has benefited the National Federation of Mental Illness Families.

According to Barge, BYC enrollment has declined slightly as some students tired of virtual learning have decided to postpone their participation during the pandemic. But the people who stayed “have the motivation and resilience to get better. I believe they could endure.”

Now that the rehearsals are back to normal, Barge wants to recruit more singers. Candidates for BYC membership can register in the winter, when rehearsals begin on Monday, or in the spring, which begins on March 7. For more information on becoming a member, please visit

David Benoit was encouraged to become a jazz musician after watching the first “A Charlie Brown Christmas” special in 1965. This is due to Vince Guaraldi’s excellent score. For the past decade, Benoit has been the composer and music director / performer of all the new “Charlie Brown Christmas” specials and “Peanuts Movies”.

Featured vocalist Courtney Fortune

He has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and has more than 25 albums on his discography. The latest work is “David Benoit’s Christmas!”. (2020) — Performed at the White House under Reagan, George HW Bush, and Clinton. He has been an arranger / conductor / performer for The Rippingtons, Kenny Loggins, Patti Austin, Dave Koz, David Sanborn and more. And toured the world. He is the music director of the Asian-American Symphony Orchestra and the Asian-American Youth Orchestra.

In addition to performing as a vocalist, Fortune is also the founder of songmaker sessions, songwriting and recording workshops, and private coaching for teens and adults. She has released two albums, has been recognized by the John Lennon Foundation, and has won the Brian Wilson Musical Achievement Award.

The concert will feature the original Garaldi “Charlie Brown” classics, additional Benoit songs and traditional holiday favorites.

If you go

event: David Benoit Christmas Tribute to Charlie Brown

when: Sunday 3:00 pm

where: Reading Area Community College Mirror Arts Center, 4 N. Second St.

tickets: $ 49


David Benoit’s Christmas Tribute to Charlie Brown-Young People Serve Reading Eagle

Source link David Benoit’s Christmas Tribute to Charlie Brown-Young People Serve Reading Eagle

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