Dave Grohl doesn’t want to go alone | Music

Dave Grohl wouldn’t want to go alone.

The Foo Fighters frontman claims that the “Everlong” band’s new horror comedy movie “Studio 666” is full of “really hilarious rock’n’roll clichés,” and Dave leaves the band for his own. I don’t want to embark on a career.

He told Sky News: That’s something I never want to do because I really like being in Foo Fighters.

“In the movie, there’s Writer’s Block and it’s starting to get crazy. There’s these crazy and screaming murderous debates while making the album, and when making the Foo Fighters record. Honestly, I take a walk in the studio. Usually, there are too many materials and I spend weeks and months playing instruments and laughing hysterically … we still do ourselves. We enjoy our work and each other. “

Dave is flicked and obsessed with the devil and follows the band as he records his tenth studio album at the haunted Ensino mansion.

Meanwhile, a former Nirvana drummer dismissed the claim that he suffered from severe hearing loss and needed lip reading.

Locker, 53, said: “If you ask a musician if he has any hearing loss, 99.9% will say,” Oh, absolutely “… I’ve read some In such a headline, I I’ve been reading lips for years and I can’t hear anything. Not so bad. Not really. I go to the studio every day and sit there to listen. Like every mix and every song detail, I’m fine.

“Believe me, it’s just this ear, so if I don’t like you, I’ll sit to your right at dinner.”

Dave Grohl doesn’t want to go alone | Music

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