Damon Albarn regrets missing David Bowie’s collaboration | Music

Damon Albarn “regrets” not making an album with the late David Bowie.

Blur’s frontman was “summoned” to discuss the possibility of a 2016 cancer hit maker “Heroes” joining a record with The Kinks’ Ray Davies, as did David’s tour. No collaboration happened because it turned out that he succeeded in getting a chance to take a break.

Damon said: “David Bowie asked me and Ray Davies to make an album with him. That was actually a serious thing we were trying to do. He played in a behind-the-scenes labyrinth in Switzerland. Called me when I was out and I went to see him, and he said, “Well, we’re going to do this, but if this tour continues the same way, I’ll tour I’m going to continue. “” “

After confirming that the tour continued, he added: have been regretting. Just imagine how it sounded. “

And that’s not Damon’s only musical regret. He also blames himself for “missing” collaborations with the late Prince, producer Dr. Dre, and rapper Kendrick Lamar.

He told the Scottish Herald: It’s all my fault. There are quite a lot of people who miss it. “

After decades of success, the 53-year-old singer admitted that the “best moment” of his career was Blur’s very early rehearsal-because he’s been too busy ever since. ..

Asked for the highlights of his career, he said: “When we were in Colchester’s parents’ garage and first played” sing “and” she is very expensive, “I suddenly It was possible to realize our dreams with Colchester, the truly crazy Top of the Pops whistle test, and the dreams of TV shows. We may be a bit like The Who.

“It’s a great moment. Since then, I’m really just working. I’m busy.”

Damon Albarn regrets missing David Bowie’s collaboration | Music

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