Currently in Pittsburgh: Event Director, Art Studio Assistant, Digital Organizer, etc. | Currently in use | Pittsburgh

This week I searched the web to find the best job listings in Pittsburgh.If your company employs, please send information such as job title, description, salary range to jobs@pghcitypaper.com..

Non-profit organization

Digital notebook..Community Nonprofit Union Pittsburgh United We are looking for a full-time digital organizer to develop online strategies to build an organization. Responsibilities include reaching and growing a network of activists with a focus on moving supporters from online to offline engagement. Salaries range from $ 43,000 to $ 55,000. Click here for details

Visitor Service Associate.. Northside Zoo, National aviaryHires part-time visitor service associates to support all visitor service operations, including retail stores and admission fees. Responsibilities include guest greetings and check-in, school and party group guidance, membership promotion and sales, and product pricing. Click here for details

Counselor advocate.. The Victim CenterSeeking full-time counselor advocates to help individuals, families and communities recover from trauma, to support and empower victims and witnesses. Responsibilities include crisis intervention, counseling, education and training. Click here for details

Program director..Bethel Park location Greater Pittsburgh YMCA Employs a full-time program director for the practical development, implementation, evaluation, and planning and preparation of summer day camp programs for parent-child programming and events. Responsibilities include promoting and managing all operations of the Youth Enrichment Program, hiring and training part-time summer camp employees, building and maintaining strong parent-volunteer relationships, and ensuring child safety. increase. The salary range is $ 38,000-40,000. Click here for details

Art + entertainment

Art studio assistant..Spring Hill Community Art Studio Little house, big art We are looking for a part-time art studio assistant. Responsibilities include accepting and inspiring studio guests, answering questions, finding the right materials and tools for your project, and helping with warehouse management. Pay $ 10-15 / hour. Click here for details

Gallery Manager, Visual Arts..Downtown Pittsburgh Cultural Trust We are looking for a full-time gallery manager for Visual Arts. This position oversees the organization’s five major art galleries, pop-up galleries, and public art portfolio operations, including exhibition preparation and maintenance management, program scheduling, staff training and maintenance, and guest curator specific assistance. Responsible for .. Salary starts at $ 40,000. Click here for details

Event director.. Citizen’s leadership organization, Allegheny Conference on Community DevelopmentHires a full-time event director to successfully plan and produce the event. Responsibilities include planning events, meeting with stakeholders, coordinating with venues and vendors, Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of event-related marketing and communication tools. Salaries range from $ 60,000 to $ 75,000. Click here for details

Sous-chef..Bethel Park Spoonwood Brewery I’m looking for a sous chef It will be the second in the command. Responsibilities include food menu preparation and design assistance, kitchen operations supervision, staff management and training. Salaries start at $ 46,000. Click here for details

Pastry chef.. Culinaire hires a full-time pastry chef Carnegie Museum of Natural History.. Responsibilities include the creation of high quality wedding cakes, baked goods, pastries, seasonal dessert tables, catering events and plated desserts for restaurants. Click here for details

dishwasher..North Auckland Restaurant Butter joint We hire a full-time dishwasher for the dinner shift. Pay $ 15 per hour. Click here for details

Lead line cook..South side VaultTaproom I’m looking for a full-time leadline cook. Responsibilities include opening a kitchen and top cooks for daily preparatory work, setting up a stock station, preparing meals, and facilitating staff training. Pay $ 19-19.50 / hour. Click here for details

Cafe specialist.. Point Breeze grocery store, East End Food Corp, We are looking for a full-time cafe specialist. Responsibilities include manufacturing high quality side dishes and beverages, maintaining retail store displays, providing customer service, maintaining clean work and sales areas. You pay $ 14 per hour. Click here for details


Special Program Coordinator..Local Food Justice Nonprofit 412 Food rescue We are looking for a seasonal special program coordinator to handle the daily adjustments of your organization’s Ugly CSA program. Responsibilities include managing community and corporate volunteers, providing customer service via email and phone, ensuring weekly supplies, and creating weekly subscriber newsletters. Positions include 20 hours a week for 14 weeks from July 6th to October 12th and may be a position throughout the year. Click here for details

Flower Farmers
..Allison Park Small seed farm We are looking for seasonal flower farmers. Responsibility involves planting and harvesting flowers and turning a bunch into a bouquet. Click here for details

Pool manager.. The Edgewood Country Club We employ a full-time pool manager from May to September. This position is responsible for pool safety, lifeguard staff supervision, staff assignment scheduling, facility preparation and swimming competition supervision, major pool events, general maintenance and more. .. Pay $ 20-25 / hour. Click here for details

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Currently in Pittsburgh: Event Director, Art Studio Assistant, Digital Organizer, etc. | Currently in use | Pittsburgh

Source link Currently in Pittsburgh: Event Director, Art Studio Assistant, Digital Organizer, etc. | Currently in use | Pittsburgh

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