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Cults, beach houses, Hanson during this weekend’s concert picks [Seven in Seven] – Daily local

Welcome to Seven in Seven. Here we will look at the shows that will be held in this area next week. Whether your musical taste is rock’n’roll, jazz, heavy metal, R & B, singer-songwriter, or indie, there’s always something to check.

Here are the seven best dockets for the week of July 22nd:

Cult + Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — July 22 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Taking over one of the best summer bills is the Cult and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, along with experimental / art pop artist Zora Jesus as an opener. Cult continues to be a trusted rock’n’roll unit, as evidenced by its extensive catalog of hits such as its latest single, “Give Me Mercy,” “Wild Flower,” “Fire Woman,” and “She Sellers Sanctuary.” .. Bringing BRMC is a genius stroke, and their unique brand of moody post-punk garage rock blends seamlessly with the headliner’s sonic styling and the tagline of the tour “We Own the Night.” For The Cult, a new record titled “Under the Midnight Sun” was set in the first week of October.

Beach House — July 23, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The night at Met following the “We Own the Night” tour stop is quite different as Baltimore’s Duo Beach House brings their dream pop to town. Composed of lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Victoria Le Grand and guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Alex Scally, the pair’s latest album, Once Twice Melody, is their first album. Introduced in four chapters released last fall, the entire work is now available in its airy buoyant glory.

Hanson — July 24, Fillmore

Hanson, a pop-rock trio, is in town as part of a major world tour to support their new album, Red Green Blue. The LP consists of three solo-led projects, Taylor, Isaac, and Zack Hanson, to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary with three unique creative voices never seen before, one-third of the album. Created and produced by each brother. Each brother has a unique voice and style, all in one complete piece. And for those who maintain their scores at home, Taylor is “red,” Isaac is “green,” and Zack is “blue.”

BabyJake — July 24th Kung Fu Tie

Baby Jake, a singer-songwriter and producer, promises to “revive rock and roll,” but this may not be the kind you’re used to. It has the style, stride and spirit of the 70’s, but is lit by fresh fire. A Florida-born, Los Angeles-based artist has enough star power to pull out cowboy hats and flared jeans. For example, he seems to be some kind of adorable Quentin Tarantino outlaw, but he is definitely a by-product of the times and tends to naturally prefer the effects of the virus. BabyJake may also find it in his sophomore effort, “The SunWakesUpEarlyNow,” a genre of mish mash featuring collaborations with big names like Linda Perry.

Regina Spektor — July 24th Man

Regina Spektor found herself synonymous with New York City. Russian / Jewish / American singer-songwriter and pianist have given her unique signature to the Bronx Walk of Fame and the 2019 Regina Spektor Day proclaimed by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Her new album, “Home, Before and After,” in June, could be her collection of the most diverse and acoustically adventurous songs to date. Recorded in northern New York, the LP is her most inspirational Specter, as evidenced by fragments of brilliance such as “Becoming All Alone.”

Boy Pablo — July 26, The Theater of Living Arts

Boy Pablo is Nicholas Munoz, and his autobiographical debut album “Wachitrico” introduces listeners to the heights of his Alter Ego love story. But last week, a Chilean / Norwegian indie pop singer-songwriter released “Be Mine”. This is a one-off single with a style that doesn’t fit the new project Pablo is working on, but has a summer-asserting sound release. This is the second surprise release from Munoz last month. In June, we teamed up with Singaporean pop singer Sobs’ Celine Autumn to challenge the Human League masterpiece “Don’t You Want Me.”

Bank — July 28, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Since her fascinating and acclaimed debut LP “Goddess” in 2014, Banks has won a total stream of over 1.4 billion and found sold-out shows and festivals around the world. Her musical character remains an alternative pop inspired by the touch of off-quilter R & B grown in Southern California. Her new album, Serpentina, was Banks’ first release as an independent artist and was in an unknown territory in every way, from sound to lyrics, visuals, and everything in between.

Volume check

• Cult: “Give Me Mercy”

• Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: “Conscience Killer”

• Beach House: “Superstar”

• Hanson: “Children at Heart”

• BabyJake: “Does I fit your shoes?”

• Regina Spektor: “Loveology”

• Boy Pablo: “Be Mine”

• Bank: “Holdback”

Cults, beach houses, Hanson during this weekend’s concert picks [Seven in Seven] – Daily local

Source link Cults, beach houses, Hanson during this weekend’s concert picks [Seven in Seven] – Daily local

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