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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for CSI: Vegas Episode 8 “Pipe Cleaner.”]

Maxine Lobby (Paula Newsome) May have been demoted from the Institute of Criminology and suspended, but to prove that Ansonwicks (Jamie McShane) is behind David Hodges (Wallace Langham) framing for evidence tampering. You may have been able to find the break you need in the case during the season.

In the latest CSI: Vegas In the episode, she continued to work from home, Joshua Folsom (Matt Lauria) help. In the end, they found a connection between Anson Wicks and the hitman he hired to chase Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) at the premiere. And if he didn’t help them beat Wix, well, Maxine took a picture of him during the drug deal.

“It gives us a lot of leverage,” Lauria tells TV Insider. What’s next? He teases what’s ahead in the last two episodes of the season.

How big a break is it for them? Because they have moments when they think they are making progress, and then something happens.

Matt Lauria: Yes. This is a huge moment, especially after Max’s unexpected retreat from last week was forced to resign. You see, the season isn’t enough here. I’m starting to get a little nervous because I don’t talk about 10 episodes. We don’t understand this, we may enter next season. But it was huge, so it’s huge. After all, we only have the actual evidence, and the character references do not counter the evidence, so I’ve seen my character, Josh, standing on the fence about how to rely on this. .. And I didn’t even know the man personally.

Cliff Lipson / CBS

And Max, when she started collecting evidence and left all of the apparently trial-and-error Gil. [William Petersen] And Sara [Jorja Fox], She had to spread herself into a dangerous territory and be exposed to many risks. This is a huge moment we have gone through, we cannot continuously identify anyone, and obviously it is important to get something firmly. The stake cannot be higher than this. I’m joking about the end of the season, but it’s been going on for a long time. In the story, we are getting closer and closer to trial. And when it starts playing, you imagine it goes into the weeds of the judiciary and it goes out of our hands. Therefore, it is essential.

As you said, the season is nearing the end, so there are two episodes left and the trial begins, Will everyone see more involvement in this season’s case? Josh is in this episode.

Max is mainly the person who switches between the two, Ally [Mandeep Dhillon] Josh handles the case every week and is not very involved. I don’t have much interaction with Sarah and Gil. But as we get closer to the guy, Ally gets more involved, which is all hands-on-deck situations. Our lab is so important to the process of justice that everyone will really see standing up for justice and standing up for our lab.

Josh talks about how he decided to become CSI two years ago. How does he feel about Wix chasing what became his passion? And his friend, Chris [Jay Lee], Was a suspect for a while.

Yes, it’s always interesting to imagine conversations that might have happened off-screen, such as between Chris and Josh, or when Josh got that information. But I know that this Institute of Criminology and the people who run it and live there are like my family, especially the inner circle. Chris is like his younger brother, his cousin you are teaching, and he is a really sharp man. He is an inspiring and wonderful man. And especially Max and Ally, they are like a family and are the two most important women in my life as Josh, both playing a very meaningful role in my life. And this is effectively my home and my family under attack. So protecting it from all levels of attack and scruple doesn’t mean anything more to me.

Jay Lee as CSI's Chris Park, Matt Lauria as Josh Folsom: Vegas

Sonya Fleming / CBS

What about Josh and Allie? Sarah and Josh seemed to enjoy making Ally think he was on the date he went to Maxine, as they were probably set to be the next Grissom at the beginning of the season …

[Laughs] You will see this develop further. Josh obviously needed a cover at that moment, and if I remember correctly, did she present it like something you’ve done so far? And I ran with it.

Ally and Josh are very close friends. They are great colleagues. However, they rib each other a little or crush each other’s chops a little in a playful way. Josh knows she’s involved in a relationship, and he’s not just a home wrecker. Josh has a principle that doesn’t allow it, but he feels she’s a very, very important person to him, so he’s sandwiched between rocks and difficult places. I choose my words carefully. She is very important to him and he wants the best for her. She checks all the boxes as long as the woman can blow him away. I don’t think Josh can worship, inspire, or impress anyone. They are really, really great friends.

[By letting her think he was on a date,] I think he’s just trying to get up from her and playing with her a little. Returning to episode 5, she said, “Oh, I can’t mix work and fun. That’s a horrifying idea.” I think Josh thought, “Oh, well, I think I know where it is,” but he thrust her a little and said, “Yes, I have a date, but you care. I don’t. “I know he thinks she may be a little jealous. Josh said, “Hey, I know what’s here. I know what’s in the room. We ride great things.”

Mandeep Dhillon as Ally Rajan of CSI Vegas, Matt Lauria as Josh Folsom

Sonya Fleming / CBS

Since you’re choosing the words carefully, does that mean something is happening between them in the last two episodes?

There’s this amazing, romantic, slow motion, running towards each other, kissing, and raining, she picks me up and spins me. [Laughs] None of that is true. Josh could take some more risks to see what’s there. It’s a momentary pressure. We are under a lot of pressure at work. We are under attack. Very close to our hearts, what is important, and what we have spent all our time, energy and love in, is in a very dangerous position. It’s important to you.

I think Josh is usually in a place where he doesn’t want to get involved in other people’s lives, personal lives, relationships, and so on. Josh is a very private person. Much information about Josh’s family isn’t available until in episode 7, where he said something about his mother, his mother was ill, and that’s why he became CSI. And he also said his uncle was imprisoned. So I think Josh is starting to expose himself a little more and open up to stretch himself a little more in ways he wouldn’t normally do.

That goes into my next question. He also talks about his family tree scammer, and Maxine says he is an exception. So what else do you think of his family?

With a little hint, going back to the 3D-printed sword of the video game episode, it’s a little subtle. I can’t believe this man’s mother sold him out. Recall that we went to mom’s house and she let us search for a property without a warrant, and I believe she let us do this without a warrant I can’t. It gives you a little color, where I came from, you can’t sell out your family. There are just a few things studded there.

Yes, that’s a great example. Grow up to Max and look at my family tree. Josh is a really interesting person because he is from and knows criminality. As a kid, as a teenager, I think he’s involved in something that isn’t explicitly legal. And he knows the game, knows the people and the personality, and knows he has a street smart. So this is one of the main influences and the central influence on who Josh is and who is always there.

And we have to return to the crime scene with a melted body in a bathtub that we hated very much.

It was really fun. With all the sticky roughness, it helps when you are in such a situation. It does a lot of work for you because you like it, this is pretty annoying, and it helps the way you play the scene. But CSI just says, “This is something I’ve never seen before.” Break some walls. Like the pageant of a little girl, I think there is a thrill in all the different places and situations where the case pierces you. You’re like, “Well, I didn’t expect it on Tuesday or something.”

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‘CSI: Vegas’ Josh & Allie star Matt Lauria:’He takes a little more risk to see what’s there’ | Entertainment News

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