Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center Expands Thanks to Newly Discovered Funds | Outdoors

Hughesville, PA-A $ 12,000 grant from the Williamsport Lycoming Community Fund of the First Community Foundation Partnership (FCFP) in Pennsylvania will help drive local winter outdoor destinations into the future.

Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center has been looking for opportunities to better serve more locals and visitors for several years.

Starting in the 2021-202 season, owners expect improvements to continue over the next five years.

“There are several elements to this project,” said Nathan Bowen, executive director of Crystal Lake.

“We primarily use funds and supplies for our outreach activities so that we can come, as well as be prepared to accept guests more efficiently through new check-in equipment. I am. NS Share with people what we have to offer. “

Crystal Lake Ski & Outdoor Center Four Seasons

With these funds, the center can expand its ski-to-school program and reach out to more children in the community to make a difference. It also helps community members make sure they understand how to get the most out of Crystal’s resources. The lake provides.

Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center It is one of the only full-service cross-country ski areas in central Pennsylvania, and few facilities offer all the activities offered in this area. During the winter, the center has 30 km of trails, most of which are mechanically maintained.


Maps of various cross-country skiing courses on Crystal Lake.

Other activities range from hiking to boating, private and group retreat opportunities, conferences and events.

The center opened on September 7, 2021 on a day trip with reservations only. For $ 10 per person, visitors have access to 25 miles of trails, sportsfields and equipment, and a motor-free boating lake (rental fees not included). And fishing.

“What people often share by coming here is that they find a sense of peace,” Bowen said. It’s special about this place, “they liked being here. Because it allowed them to reconnect with some of their own inner values. “

“With the generous support of FCFP, the Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center is ready to serve the community and meet the needs of our guests,” said Bowen.


From left to right, FCFP President Brian Bruce. Nathan Bowen, Executive Director of Crystal Lake. Logan Laundry, Program Manager at Crystal Lake. Jennifer Wilson, President and CEO of FCFP.

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Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center Expands Thanks to Newly Discovered Funds | Outdoors

Source link Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center Expands Thanks to Newly Discovered Funds | Outdoors

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