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Krampusnacht takes over market square in downtown Pittsburgh

If you’re tired of Santa, don’t be afraid. Perhaps Krampus is here.

The sixth annual Crump Snacht, or Crumps Fest, will be held on Monday, December 6th at a free concert at Downtown Market Square, along with other activities celebrating the nightmare holiday ghoul.

Krampus is a horned anthropomorphic figure from German-speaking Alpine folklore. This creature is said to punish children who cheat during the holiday season. This is the exact opposite of Santa. Krampus is celebrated in places like Lienz, Austria, where crowds gather every year at the Krampus Parade. Meanwhile, dressed Crumps said, “Running through the streets, chasing laughing children and adults alike, poking with sticks, they were mischievous this year, according to an article in Smithsonian magazine.”

Once a little-known person in the United States, Krampus is becoming more and more popular here. There was even a big budget horror movie about Crumps released in 2015.

Event creator and organizer Mark Menold says he started Krampus Fest with the band Sleigher about eight years ago. He explains that the band “wears a goat-like Krampus outfit and sings Holiday Carroll’s lyrics with hard rock and metal music.”

Concerts are a big attraction, but there’s much more to fest. Guests also dress up as Krampus and have the opportunity to take pictures at Pittsburgh Krampus.

“At Market Square’s Crumps Fest, there are a few people who appear in Crumps costumes joining the band in an instant parade very similar to what’s happening in Europe,” Menold said. “They dance with rattling chains and cowbells on the street, and at the same time look scary and ridiculous.”

Menold added that Pittsburgh Krampus is also taking pictures of “Santa’s knees”, but this year due to concerns related to COVID-19, he plans to play safely at the “no-touch” photobomb “booth”. ..

Menold says he believes people are enjoying Crumpsfest very much because Crumpsfest is unlike any other and is “a short fun ending by 9:30 pm”.

He is now Market Square People’s Gus Holiday MarketIt will be the “great environment” for this event, intended to resemble a quaint European village.

Moreover, Sale of Sleigher Krampus Band T-shirts, Online, not directly this year.

“Sleigher has some new songs that have added the fastest guitar player in the city to the ranks,” Menold said. “It’s really something to see. And did I say it’s free?”

Krampus fest.. Monday, December 6th, 6 pm to 9:30 pm. Downtown Market Square. free. All ages.search “Pittsburgh 2021 Krampus Fest” on Facebook

Crumpus returns to afflict naughty Pittsburgh | Art + Entertainment | Pittsburgh

Source link Crumpus returns to afflict naughty Pittsburgh | Art + Entertainment | Pittsburgh

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