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Critics: Post Office Plans to Endanger Community Newspapers | News

The US Postal Service’s plans to raise postage charges could have another damaging impact on community newspapers that are already upset by the coronavirus pandemic and the decline of advertising, industry groups say.

According to government documents, the price of periodicals will increase by more than 8% as of August 29th.Price spikes are part of a broader plan driven by Postmaster Louis DeJoy Overhaul email operations.

The impact of regular price increases is expected to be most noticed by small daily and weekly newspapers, and local newspapers that rely on the post office for shifting from using independent contractors for delivery.

In response, publishers could potentially be forced to further reduce staff, abandon courier services altogether, and instead send papers to a joint news rack or close their papers. With, 2,000 news outlets in the United States

“This is one of the few nicknames and slashes that can hurt your bottom line, especially at break-even or if you’re an independent publisher with an order of magnitude less profitability. And most are. “Said Professor Pennylope Muse Abernathy of the University of Northwestern, who studied extensively about the decline of the news industry.

For some, it could be a turning point in viability, Boyle said.

The News Media Alliance told the independent Postal Regulatory Commission in a statement against rate hikes that the plan would “do little to improve the post office’s financial position and ultimately harm the public interest.” Said.

In a statement, Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer said the agency’s leaders said, “We will stay viable and competitive, and provide the world’s most affordable and reliable postal service. We are committed to carefully implementing a rational pricing approach that will allow us to offer it. “

“The price a newspaper pays depends on how the newspaper is prepared and entered into the system, but the average suggested price for a newspaper for a local newspaper ranges from 10.6 cents to 11.4 cents or 0.8 cents, less than a penny,” he said. Said.

The newspaper industry has been very struggling over the last two decades. The internet has depleted ads and reduced readership. According to a study by the University of North Carolina, more than 2,100 newspapers have been closed in the United States over the last 15 years, most of them weekly newspapers that serve the community.

At the same time, the number of regular newspaper readers was cut in half, the researchers said.

According to a survey released last week by the Pew Research Center, newspaper newsroom employment was 74,410 in 2006, up from the previous year last year. In 2020, there were 30,820 people in the newsroom.

Dejoy, along with Ron Bloom, Chairman of the Agency’s Board of Directors 10-year plan The March post office argued that significant changes would be needed to stop the expected $ 160 billion loss over the next decade.

This strategy involves relaxing first-class email delivery standards that reach the farthest areas of the network, from 1-3 day benchmarks to 1-5 day goals. Postal officials said 70 percent of the mail would still be delivered within three days. Postal industry leaders are also moving to raise the price of top-notch stamps from 55 cents to 58 cents and want to consolidate underutilized post offices and invest in new delivery methods.

The Democratic Party has criticized the plan as an unacceptable decline in postal services and has renewed its call for the dismissal of Dejoy, a major Republican donor who has been in controversy since acquiring the agency last year.

Dejoy, a wealthy former logistics executive who also donated to former President Donald Trump, made a series of policy changes as millions of people were preparing to vote by mail before the 2020 elections. We conducted nationwide monitoring. .. He was also accused of a sharp drop in scheduled deliveries around the holiday season last year.

After Trump’s defeat, the Democratic Party again called for Dejoy’s expulsion. In late May, the Senate approved three new nominees nominated by President Joe Biden to the post office board and gave Democratic nominees a majority of the board.

Still, Dejoy insisted he was going to stay in the post and told the House of Representatives at this year’s hearing, “Get used to me.” Bloom stood beside Dejoy, and in February the postmaster told lawmakers that he was “doing a good job.”

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Critics: Post Office Plans to Endanger Community Newspapers | News

Source link Critics: Post Office Plans to Endanger Community Newspapers | News

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