Cox’s Mark Adams Selected as Member of the Year at SCTE® Cable Tech Expo® Awards Ceremony | State

During the high energy ceremony, SCTE acknowledged the contributions of several industry leaders, including Ph.D. Yasser Syed, Comcast’s Distinguished Engineer, Excellence in Standards Award; Patricio Latini, CALA Regional Vice President, Casa Systems, Received the International Engineering Professional Award. Joe GuarigliaComcast’s Vice President of Service Assurance has been appointed as a Senior Member.When Bronson Beisel, Cox Senior Learning Advisor, Received Excellence in Learning & Development Award. Keith Hayes,Chief executive officer IMMCO, Selected as the SCTE Hall of Fame.

“As an industry, we are fortunate that such exemplary leaders work every day to move our industry forward,” he said. Mark Zuban, President and CEO of SCTE. “For the past year and a half, I felt it was especially important to celebrate how hard the industry is doing and how good it is. I am excited to work with the capabilities of professionals who are part of the cable and telecommunications community. We continue to expand the knowledge and skills of our members and, thanks to the people we recognize this year, to implement new technologies for our customers and partners. “

As a member of this year Mark Adams Known for advocating SCTE at the national and local levels and actively supporting the Chatafuchi branch. Mark stands out by leading the SCTE Articles of Association Task Force, providing easy feedback to help improve the provision of the SCTE website, its courses, and its chapters.

Doctor Yasser Syed He has been involved in the activities of the DVS Subcommittee for over 10 years. He has also chaired the MPEG DASH and Advanced Transport Working Group since 2016 and co-chairs the NextGen Technologies Ad Hoc Group.

More than 20 years of industry service is required to be inducted into the SCTE Hall of Fame. Keith Hayes With Adelphia and Charter, Broadband Advisors Group, and now IMMCO, we’ve been helping the industry take advantage of the latest technology for decades. He chaired the board for two terms and was the founding chairman of the SCTE Foundation. He was honored as a member of the year in 1998, receiving the SCTE Personal Achievement Award in 2000 and the Star of Integrity Award in 2005.

Cablevision Argentina, Motorola, Arris, Intraway, and now Casa Systems for about 25 years Patricio Latini In particular, it has paved the way for improving broadband. Latin America..

In addition to being an industry mentor and advocate Bronson Beisel We piloted a program focused on technical skills to help you achieve your organization’s goals of creating and supporting Cox systems and tools.

At the ceremony, the industry also acknowledged the achievements of the two previously announced awards leaders. Rama Assaf-Smith, Senior Director of Engineering Operations at Comcast, was awarded Wilt J. Hildenbrand Jr. Rising Leader Award, And Patricia Martin, Senior Vice President of Cox Communications’ Integrated Management Office, Women in Technology Award..

Later that day, SCTE awarded the 2020 Chapter Awards in recognition of the progress and contributions of these SCTE chapters.

  • Compliance Award: Chatafuchi Branch
  • Membership Award: Chatafuchi Branch
  • Aiming for Excellence: Rocky Mountain Chapter
  • Training & Development Awards: Rocky Mountain Chapter
  • Most Improved Compliance: Great Valleys Chapter
  • The Most Improved Efforts for Excellence: Cactus Chapter
  • Most Improved Membership: Chattahoochee Chapter
  • Most Improved Training and Development: Snake River Chapter
  • The most improved chapter of the year: Cactus chapter
  • This year’s chapter
    • 1st place: Rocky Mountain Chapter
    • 2nd place: Chatafuchi Chapter
    • 3rd place: Piedmont branch
    • 4th: Buckeye Branch
    • 5th place: Green Mountain Chapter
    • 6th place: Cactus chapter
    • 7th place: Pen Ohio Branch
    • 8th place: New England branch
  • Chapter Leader of the Year:
    • Kim Strand, Rocky Mountain Chapter
    • Alan Collad, Chicago metropolitan area
  • Chapter Innovation Awards: Rocky Mountain Chapter

SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo® 2022 Will be held in Philadelphia, September 19-22, here David N. Watson, Comcast Cable Communications President and Chief Executive Officer will serve as the show chair.

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SCTE today envisions the future of connectivity. Through its technological leadership and innovation, SCTE has been a leader in applied sciences in the cable communications industry for over 50 years. As a non-profit membership organization, SCTE advances its membership through ongoing training for tomorrow’s workforce and by involving leaders in important conversations. SCTE is the power behind SCTE Cable-Tec Expo®, the largest cable and technology trade fair in the Americas. SCTE is a subsidiary of Cable Labs®.Click here for details

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Source Cable Communication Engineers Association (SCTE)

Cox’s Mark Adams Selected as Member of the Year at SCTE® Cable Tech Expo® Awards Ceremony | State

Source link Cox’s Mark Adams Selected as Member of the Year at SCTE® Cable Tech Expo® Awards Ceremony | State

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