Cowfer calls Ben & Jerry’s actions in Israel anti-Semitism and calls for Pennsylvania actions

Kingston — Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s says he has stopped selling ice cream on the occupied West Bank and has fought for sales in East Jerusalem because they are “inconsistent with our values.” ..

Aaron Kaufer sees the move as an example of anti-Semitism and is calling on Pennsylvania authorities to enforce state procurement legislation that bans contracts with companies that boycott Israel. ..

“Boycotts, withdrawals, sanctions, or BDS moves are just unhidden anti-Semitic economic attacks,” Kaufer said. “It’s not about Palestinian rights or the Palestinian state, but it’s about excluding Jews from Israel, as BDS supporters advocate a” river to the sea. ” “

R-Kingston Cowfer talks to the Israeli Consulate on Monday night and bans Governor Tom Wolf, Josh Shapiro, and State Treasurer Stacy Garrity from contracting with state agencies or affiliates on Tuesday 2016 Called for enforcement of Law No. 163. A company engaged in a boycott of Israel.

The bill passed House 181-9 and Senate 47-1.

Kaufer said law 163 was invoked after Ben & Jerry’s announced plans to boycott sales in parts of Israel and refrain from renewing license agreements. Other countries by discouraging policies that promote trade and commercial activity and ignore their interests. “

Law 163 of 2016 states that a company contracted by the Commonwealth engages in a boycott, or deals with an individual or company if the behavior is based on race, color, religion, gender, or national affiliation. You are not allowed to refuse. ” A person or entity. “

Kaufer supports Pennsylvania law and confirms that it will terminate sales or contracts with state offices, distributors, or affiliates, including vendors that sell or provide Ben & Jerry’s products. I sent a letter to Shapiro and Garrity.

“Republicans and Democrats at the General Assembly are united by taking a strong position in the fight against prejudice,” Kaufer said. “I hope Governor Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro, and Treasury Secretary Garrity will support historical opposition to discrimination and confront one of America’s most powerful allies. It’s the law, and we’re it. I hope that will be protected. “

Cowfer got a reply from Shapiro. The email was sent to Kaufer by Adrian Muller, a government issue at the Attorney General’s office, Josh Shapiro. said:

“The Attorney General has received your letter and wants to ensure that you receive a timely response. Our statement is:

“BDS is rooted in anti-Semitism. The stated goal of this amorphous movement is to eliminate Jewish citizens from the region, and I strongly oppose their efforts. Governor Wolff 5 The bill was legitimately signed a year ago and passed with widespread bipartisan support to prevent the BDS from becoming tainted in Pennsylvania. I have a federal agency with jurisdiction enforcing the law. I’m expecting that. “

Kaufer received the following statement from Secretary Garrity:

“I applaud Congressman Kaufer for drawing public attention to this issue. As the General Assembly stated in Law 163 of 2016, Israel is a credible democratic ally of the United States, trade and commerce. It is in the interests of the United States and Pennsylvania to cooperate with Israel by promoting it and to discourage policies that ignore its interests.

“The Treasury will continue to thoroughly consider all payments to ensure that Law 163 is complied with.”

Gality spokesman Samantha Galvez told Cowfer that section 1502 of the Accounting Act has established pre-audit authority for the Treasury.

“The Treasury needs to ensure that all federal monetary payments are approved, accurate, and compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and management policies,” Galvez said. .. “Obviously, this includes Law 163 of 2016, which prohibits state agencies or affiliates from contracting with companies engaged in boycotts in Israel.”

Cowfer’s letter

In a letter to Governor Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro, and Treasury Secretary Garrity, Kaufer wrote:

“As you know, Jews faced oppression and discrimination wherever they lived, including expulsion, pogroms, forced conversions, and genocide. Less than 80 years ago, they tried to completely destroy Jews. The latest attempt, the Holocaust, was defeated. The world then voted and approved Israel, where the Jews had lived on the land for a thousand years.

“The Israeli Declaration of Independence states that Israel guarantees full equality of social and political rights to all inhabitants, regardless of religion, race or gender. Of religious beliefs, conscience, language, education and culture. It guarantees freedom. It protects the sanctuaries of all religions, and it will adhere to the principles of the United Nations Charter. “

“These are the same values ​​we hold in Pennsylvania. In fact, we can say that we were founded on these same principles. The only country in the Middle East to secure these rights. As Israel, it is in our interest to ensure the fair treatment of Israel.

“Confirms that Pennsylvania Government, Institutions, and Affiliates, including Pennsylvania Government, Pennsylvania Turnpike, State Higher Education System, State Universities, Parks, Prisons, etc., will discontinue Ben & Jerry’s Ice affiliation or offering. I call on three people to do it. Cream.

“Ben & Jerry’s has succumbed to extreme anti-Semitic and ongoing and aggressive campaigns from anti-Israeli groups, but that doesn’t mean we need to tolerate it. We work together and the law. Must be executed and confronted with Israel.

“Anti-Israeli Step”

According to the Associated Press, Naftali Bennett’s office spoke with Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s parent company, which he called “apparently an anti-Israeli step.” He said he expressed concern about being there. He said the move “has serious consequences, whether legal or not,” and that Israel “will be proactive in all boycott actions directed at its citizens.” It was.

In Washington, state ministry spokesman Ned Price refused to comment directly on the company’s decision. But he said the United States rejected the boycott movement against Israel, which “unfairly elected” the country.

Israel’s UN and US Ambassador Gilad Erdan has sent a letter to 35 governors enacting legislation banning Israeli boycotts, asking them to consider speaking against Ben & Jerry’s decision. I did. State law and business transactions between Ben & Jerry’s and your state. “

Mr Erdan said Israel sees the company’s decision as “the de facto adoption of anti-Semitic practices and the development of the outlawing of the Jewish state and the dehumanization of Jews.”

See the Thursday edition for more information on this story.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Cowfer calls Ben & Jerry’s actions in Israel anti-Semitism and calls for Pennsylvania actions

Source link Cowfer calls Ben & Jerry’s actions in Israel anti-Semitism and calls for Pennsylvania actions

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