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Cowboys for Trump Founders Survive County Recall Campaign | Nationwide

Santa Fe, New Mexico (AP) —Trump’s founder, Kuui Griffin’s cowboy, opposed efforts to bring him back from the office as a county commissioner in southern New Mexico.

A recall committee spokesman, Scott Fredrick, said the petition movement had collected 1,229 signatures from registered voters in Griffin’s Otero County district, but did not need anything to start a special election.

New Mexico requires a number of signatures equivalent to 33.3% of participation in the last election. When time ran out on Wednesday, about 28% attended and the recall petition became shy.

“There is no next step because we haven’t met the signature threshold,” said Fredrick, who admitted defeat on Tuesday night.

A successful call would have allowed Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to choose a tentative replacement. Griffin can run for reelection in 2022, but told The Associated Press last week that he was more interested in running for sheriff in his hometown of Catron County or the Governor of New Mexico.

Griffin polishes his image in a new video documentary as a God-fearing “peaceful patriot,” in solidarity with about 70 defendants imprisoned on charges related to January, Texas, Montana, I have resumed my trip to political lectures in Arizona. Six siege of the US Capitol.

The failed recall petition accused Griffin of not attending the committee’s meeting and violated state restrictions on publicity of former President Donald Trump’s support group, improper travel vouchers, and gifts to civil servants. By taking advantage of his elected position.

Griffin described the allegations as a frivolous and accused county employee for providing bad guidance on travel refunds.

Griffin has vowed to form a cowboy for Trump with a group of rodeo acquaintances in 2019 and to hold a riding parade nationwide to support Trump. He faces a criminal accusation of misdemeanor on January 6. There he appeared on the outdoor terrace and rioted at the US Capitol trying to guide the crowd in prayer.

Griffin has openly alleged unfounded fraud in the 2020 elections, but a barricade on the Capitol site with the intention of confusing the government as Congress considers the results of the 2020 electoral college. It denies allegations of deliberately invading the area.

In a 50-minute online documentary and political origin story published in August, Griffin talks about his hardships in a Washington, DC prison for about three weeks after being arrested for President Biden’s inauguration. increase. Griffin states that he did not witness the violence directly at the Capitol on January 6, but, contrary to widespread evidence, believes it was done by the radical left, not by Trump supporters.

“I myself wear January 6th as a badge of honor,” Griffin says in the film with an orchestral tone. “I’m glad I went that day …. Standing with my fellow Americans in protest of one day being known as the biggest fraudulent election in American history.”

Biden’s victory was proved by the officials of each Swing State he won and Congress on January 6 — Trump’s supporters fueled by widespread fraudulent allegations, but Americans nationwide Voted for.

Griffin says the film about him was put together by defending Trump Alliance lawyer Sidney Powell and her group, the Republic.

Powell has filed numerous unfounded proceedings to challenge the results of the 2020 elections and has helped fund recent Arizona election audits.

Griffin also disagrees with the state’s election regulator’s directive to register Cowboys with Trump as a political committee, arguing that disclosure of financial information harasses contributors. Griffin claims that Cowboys Fort Lamp is exempt as a commercial organization and hopes that the 2019 state law on independent political spending organizations will be declared unconstitutional.

In that case, Powell represents Griffin and is currently in the US Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in Denver.

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Cowboys for Trump Founders Survive County Recall Campaign | Nationwide

Source link Cowboys for Trump Founders Survive County Recall Campaign | Nationwide

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