Court withholds Republican inspection of county voting machine | News

McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania — As part of the GOP’s’investigation’for the 2020 presidential election, voting machines were inspected in Republican-rich counties in Pennsylvania by the State Supreme Court from the start of Friday. It was the moment until I put it on hold.

The judge dismissed the inferior court by allowing the governor’s lawyer to suspend the urgent request for now.

The equipment in question (computers, electronic ballots, ballot scanners, etc.) is about to be brought to a special meeting of the Fulton County Commission shortly after county lawyer Tom Breath said on Friday: did. It will be postponed because the filing office of the State Supreme Court has just notified him that the temporary stay has been granted.

The court said the request was temporarily granted until the entire court could consider it, and the inspection could not be conducted until the judge issued an order.

The sparsely populated Fulton County is working with Republican lawmakers. There, in official rewards, Trump won more than 85% of the votes in 2020, with registered Republican voters 7-2 ahead of Democrats.

In a post-election internal email released through a request for public records, two Republican members of Fulton County were in solidarity with a Republican senator who later tried to prevent Pennsylvania’s voter vote from being thrown into Biden. Was expressed.

Dominion Voting Systems, which provided equipment to Fulton County in the 2020 elections, was at the heart of the most enthusiastic conspiracy theory about Trump’s defeat.

After learning about the proposed inspection, he requested the return of the leased equipment from Fulton County and stated that inspections by non-federal-approved entities violated the contract.

Wolf administration lawyers have lost their first attempt to thwart the inspection.

Currently, they share the identity of the person inspecting the voting machine in Fulton County, ensure that no information about the “significant election infrastructure” is disclosed, and observe it with state-designated voting machine experts. Ability to record.

Senator R-Jefferson, who is in charge of what the Republicans call the “forensic investigation” of the 2020 elections, has proposed overturning Biden’s victory over Trump in Pennsylvania. Earlier this year, he visited Arizona and said he wanted to bring a Republican model to Pennsylvania.

On December 10, Dush sent a letter to Fulton County requesting “digital data” from the election computers and hardware used in the county’s 2020 elections. Dush rejected the interview, including Friday’s request, and didn’t explain why he was asking for data.

However, Fulton County lawyer Tom King said Dash was certified by the county authorities, a Senate Republican contractor, and the equipment used there for use in the 2020 elections in Pennsylvania. He said he wanted him to judge if they were the same.

In any case, taxpayer costs for Republican election surveys are on the rise.

Dush’s office acknowledges that Fulton County’s operations are not covered by the original $ 270,000 contract with Envoy Sage and will require additional costs and additional costs.

Senate Republican contract attorneys, meanwhile, have appeared in court on at least two sides to defend aspects of the project. The Senate Republicans were unable to provide details on Friday’s legal costs.

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Court withholds Republican inspection of county voting machine | News

Source link Court withholds Republican inspection of county voting machine | News

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