Courageous quilt presented to veterans in 5 regions

Planes TWP. — The Valor Quilts branch in northeastern Pennsylvania awards five handmade patriotic quilts to a group of U.S. military veterans at a ceremony held Saturday under the Pavilion in Plains Township Memorial Park. bottom.

U.S. Navy Veterans Wayne Long and Paul Donlin, U.S. Army Veterans Willis Ide and Dan Long, and U.S. Marine Corps Veterans John Richards are quilts awarded by the local branch Valor’s Quilt. Established in January 2020 to honor local military and veterans nominated by members of the community to receive the latest round of their service and to thank them for their service.

“It feels great,” Wayne said long before the ceremony. At the ceremony, each of the five soldiers sat on the pavilion’s head and wrapped the kilt after being presented with a kilt by a member of the family. “It’s a great honor.”

“It’s hard to explain,” said Dan Long after he was given a kilt. “All the work put into this, it’s incredible.”

The joke among the five winners, the members of the Quilt of Valor, and almost everyone in the crowd, not only was this a special honor for everyone involved, but Saturday’s rain and chilly temperatures were also very useful. It was a ceremony.

“Today is a perfect day for quilts,” Wayne joked.

The ceremony was presided over by Rebecca Orlowski, the group leader of the Quilt of Valor, and several other members of the local quilt branch took turns reading the biographies of each service member before the quilt was presented. ..

“The quilt story is now yours,” Orlowski said.

Orlowski explained the importance of each part of the quilt. The upper part shows the individual who contributed to it. Stuffing aimed at bringing warmth, comfort, peace and healing. And as the community aims to help veterans, help help the rest of the quilt.

One quilt was given to each of the five service members, and their name was given along with the name of the quilt that helped to splice the quilts together.

“They are very beautiful quilts,” said Richards, who won the Purple Heart and Silver Star among the many awards he has won for his service in Vietnam as a member of the Marine Corps.

The group of winners will feature 97-year-old Ide, who straddled a military branch, served the U.S. Army in World War II under General George Patton, and participated in the Battle of the Bulge as a member of the 135th Radio. bottom. Intelligence, helping General Patton track the German code so he can know which decisions to make regarding military action.

Service was a family problem for Ide as one of the twelve brothers.

“I was one of seven brothers and we all served,” Ide said. “And we’re all back on track.”

Most of the winners knew that this day would come in advance, with one notable exception being Don Lin, who was given a kilt by his wife Judy.

“I thought we were going to a football banquet,” Donglin reiterated his wife’s remarks during the presentation. “This is really great. It’s an honor to be recognized.”

Courageous quilt presented to veterans in 5 regions

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