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NEWTOWN — The community continues to react to the tragic events that took place in the quiet and upscale Upper Makefield Township district on Monday afternoon.

On Monday morning, 38-year-old Trinh Nguyen tried to shoot his two sons and his neighbor at his home on Timber Ridge Road. She was subsequently arrested by police and charged with three attempted murders.

Upper Makefield police found her two sons, Jeffrey Tini (13 years old) and Nelson Tini (9 years old) at home and inflicted a gunshot wound on their heads. According to Backcounty District Attorney Matt Weintraub, the boys are taken to the hospital and are not expected to survive.

Friends and family met on Monday night at Newtown Middle School, where Jeffrey was attending school, for an all-nighter. There they gathered around the school flagpole, remembering their brothers, comforting each other and praying.

In a message issued Tuesday morning, Susan Elliott, acting director of the Council Rock School District, expressed shock and distrust of the tragedy.

“This tragic event has a profound and tragic impact on our Council Rock community. Parents, students, staff, and members of our community handle this tragedy in different ways and at pace. We know that. “

Elliott said Counsel Rock will provide counselors and additional support in the buildings where the two boys attended (Newtown Middle School and Solfeinstone Elementary School). She said counselors are also available in other buildings if students and staff need help.

“We continue to seek prayer and support for families, students, staff and the community in dealing with this tragedy within the Council Rock community,” says Elliott. “It is important that we work together to support each other with elegance, patience, and kindness.”

Senator Steve Santa Luciero issued the following statement following the tragedy:

“In the Upper Makefield Township, when two young children were shot dead in a domestic incident at home, an indescribable tragedy occurred. Our first responders arrived at the scene and 2 I hurriedly sent one young victim to the St. Mary’s Medical Center. My heart was taken too early for a young life as the two victims continued to sustain their lives waiting for organ donations. Will break.

“The police and paramedics at the Upper Makefield Township Police Station and nearby police stations thank you for everything you did on Monday and what you do every day to deal with such a crisis. I would like to express my gratitude, “continues the statement. “Families seeking counseling and crisis management services are advised to contact the free hotline of the Victim Assistance Network (NOVA) at 1-800-675-6900.”

Council Rock reacts to the shock and distrust of the Upper Makefield tragedy – thereporteronline

Source link Council Rock reacts to the shock and distrust of the Upper Makefield tragedy – thereporteronline

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