Council calling for withdrawal of first-class murder charges

Wilkes-Barre-Wilkes-Barre filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea on the same day that the Council of Jien Nathaniel admitted one murder for killing a 26-year-old woman. Did.

The 20-year-old council wrote a complaint dated August 6, when Judge David W. Rupas returned to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility after entering an unusual guilty plea for a single murder. rice field.

Rupas sentenced the council to life imprisonment without parole.

Wilkes-Barre police have charged the council with the deadly shooting of Britney Reynolds in her residence on Matson Avenue. Her body was discovered by a city police officer conducting a welfare check on December 20, 2019, three days after investigators believed she had been killed.

In his complaint, which meant filing it without the help of a lawyer, the council claims he was “forced to resort to natural life.”

The council strongly criticized his lawyers, public defenders Joseph Jaeger and Thomas Cometa, saying, “By ordering (the council) to plea, all defenses are abandoned and the death penalty is not imposed. “.

Attorney Kendra Strobel, who previously helped defend the council, resigned from the public defender’s office a few weeks ago.

“(Council) acts like a prosecutor with his lawyer, and (Council) tells him what the lawyer has instructed him after knowing that he is (abuse) like a lawyer. I’m scared of his own lawyer because he felt he had to, “the council wrote. His procession.

The council was scheduled for a jury trial on August 9.

A review of the council’s court documents did not show submissions by his defense counsel by the start date of the trial, with the final entry made by Lupas on March 25 for the jury selection scheduled for August 9. It had been.

The council noted in his complaint that there was no “pre-trial motion” filed on his behalf.

A few days after the council pleaded guilty to first-class murder and filed his plea, Jaeger filed a motion to appoint a dispute lawyer on August 12 for a conflict of interest with the public defender’s office. submitted.

On August 13, President Michael T. Vaux acknowledged Jaeger’s motion and appointed Janan ME Mallo as the latest lawyer for his representative council from the county dispute lawyer pool.

On Tuesday, Taro filed a petition for a council appeal and a petition for a hearing on the restoration of his right to appeal.

No hearing was scheduled as of Wednesday.

Council calling for withdrawal of first-class murder charges

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