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Controversial New Use for Milton Vacant Land | Area

Milton, Pennsylvania — A Milton business owner is converting a dilapidated piece of land into a fly ash transfer station, which requires state and borough approval.

Fly ash is the residue left over from burning coal in factories. U.S. Department of TransportationConsisting mainly of silicon, aluminum, iron and calcium, this substance is often recycled into construction materials.

Milton LLC president David Damagi submitted a conditional use application to the Borough Council in October, but the plan would go through a series of approvals before taking any action on the former AFC Industries property. need to get

Even if the board gave conditional land use approval for the purpose of the fly ash transfer, Damagi would still need building use approval from the Borough. Damagi also needs his DEP permission.

potential danger

Fly ash has gained a reputation as a potential environmental hazard, especially among Milton residents who recall the controversy over the fly ash landfill in nearby Washingtonville.

2020, coal-fired Montour power plant entered into a settlement with the Middle Susquehanna Riverkeepers Association The following reports report contamination from an ash dump adjacent to the facility.

Operations at the facility will be contained, according to Milton Borough Code Officer Doug Deal. “The fly ash comes in sealed. The building is sealed. Everything is inside the building,” Deal said, adding that the DEP would regulate operations.

The council has an obligation to hear all land use requests before making decisions.

“We understand that there are all sorts of problems with fly ash and chemicals, but we cannot foresee the case,” Deal said. don’t come and ask ”

According to Diehl, a key issue currently being debated is the location of the floodplain. DEP is required to issue permits for fly ash work on the floodplain.

early application

If Damagi gets land use approval from the board, the building will need construction.

“Buildings must be modified by the code, whatever the DEP requires or the building code requires. [fly ash] It could be flammable or explosive and the building was not designed as such,” Deal said.

The application is in its early stages. According to Diehl, more planning needs to be done on Damaghi’s part. “We didn’t have anything solid in front of us that exactly detailed the process. There wasn’t exactly what he needed in the building,” Deal said.

Damaghi needs to verify the DEP code before asking Diehl for review.

The Milton Borough Council will hold a Conditional Use Hearing on Wednesday, November 9, at 5:30 pm in the Borough Hall on Filbert Street.

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