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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (AP) — The House of Representatives of Pennsylvania restricted gifts from lobbyists on Monday, banning them from trying to influence elected officials who also worked as election strategists. Began to push forward with a bill package aimed at the influence of Harrisburg. ..

The bill was passed by the House State Commission and requires voting in both the House and Senate to reach Governor Tom Wolf.

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One of the highlights of the bill is to ban lobbyists, including lawmakers, from paying transportation, accommodation, entertainment, and entertainment, and limit lobbyist gifts to $ 250 each year.

Wolff banned employees under his jurisdiction from receiving any amount of gifts in 2015, but legislators have refused to receive an unlimited amount of gifts from those who are trying to influence them. I allow it.

As a result, MarchOnHarrisburg demonstrators have recently suspended legislative voting sessions, protested at lawmakers’ offices, and launched a “stop bribery” campaign for lawmakers.

The gift ban law was previously introduced and died.

However, Marchion Harrisburg Executive Director Michael Pollock has now made enough key members of the House and Senate Republican leaders to win the passage of what the group considers to be an essential anti-corruption measure. He said he was optimistic that he could get involved.

Members of MarchOnHarrisburg were unsuccessful in seeking commitment from Acting Senator Jake Corman. They also appeared in a golf course fundraiser earlier this month and tried to tell him about it at the Capitol on Monday.

“He got out of the conversation as soon as possible with’no comment’,” Pollock said.

Corman’s office individually declined to comment on whether he supported the ban on gifts.

Pennsylvania state legislators and other candidates can continue to accept election contributions from anyone, including lobbyists, state agencies, and those who sign contracts with the state legislature.

Pennsylvania lobbyists, their clients, and trade associations also regularly offer lawmakers tickets to free meals, travel, sporting events, destination meetings, or recreational facilities.

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According to the National Assembly of Parliament, most other states have legislation that limits the range of gifts a member can receive.

After the scandal, Pennsylvania lawmakers approved internal chamber of commerce rules banning most types of cash gifts to members in 2014, but imposed so-called pay-to-play rules and made election donations. There was no movement to limit it.

Another highlight bill is for lobbyists or lobbying companies that also provide campaign management services. The bill has been complaining about the growing influence of such companies in relation to the top GOP lawmakers, with a small number of Republican state senators since at least 2015.

Under that, lobbyists are prohibited from attempting to influence state or civil servant employees after serving as a civil servant campaign consultant.

The ban lasts for the chosen period and also applies to lobbyists who have a financial interest in the company that provided the campaign service.

Another bill targets revolving doors between lobbyists and state legislature officials. It would prohibit legislative employees from lobbying for a year from a colleague of a former lobbying company.

Some bills address transparency.

Lobbyists need to strengthen their reporting to the state by disclosing ownership of lobbying companies. The second is when the lobbying company requires the instance to be disclosed when the lobbying company asks the client to waive a conflict of interest with another client.

Another bill prohibits lobbyists, lobbying companies, and their clients from giving and receiving referral fees.

Yet another bill would prohibit one state entity from hiring lobbyists or campaign consultants to influence another state entity.

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Congressman working on Harrisburg bill to curb lobbyist influence – CBS Pittsburgh

Source link Congressman working on Harrisburg bill to curb lobbyist influence – CBS Pittsburgh

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